Do Marketers Really Trust Your Strategies? The statistics give them away

Numbers eMarketer , projected by Statista , expect this year to be invested 642.86 billion dollars in marketing and advertising in the world, considering digital media Bahamas Phone Number List (desktop / laptop, mobile and other devices connected to the Internet), magazines, newspapers, media outdoor , radio and television).

The investment in the strategies is defined, but that does not indicate the confidence it generates in those who are behind them in the industry. This is demonstrated by HubSpot statistics , which by region indicates how much marketers trust your strategy.

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Latin America has the lowest percentage in this regard, with 62 percent of strategists’ confidence in their ideas and actions, as can be seen in the following graph:


It is followed by Southeast Asia with 67 percent and Australia – New Zealand with 69 percent. The most confident colleagues in their strategies Phone Number List are located in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with 77 percent confidence, higher than the world average of 71 percent.

Among the strategies most highlighted by professionals is that 74 percent of those responsible for marketing say that capturing quality leads has become their priority.

Meanwhile, the leading strategy in effectiveness in digital marketing this 2018 is content, according to 20 percent of marketers in the world and 41 percent of executives value visual content, but for B2B executives the role The blog is still very relevant, and this type of format reaches 43 percent of the preferences. However, this is not an indicator of your confidence in it.

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