Do you already know the 4 new Ps of Marketing

In the history of commerce, products were sold on store shelves with a price tag on top. Consumers bought in physical places, where the place itself defined the relationship with the customer. Currently, the internet has forced companies to rethink their business models . The concept of “place” has evolved into a constant presence , which arrives at various points and allows consumers to shop wherever they want, whenever they want and in any way they want. In other words, Square became Presence: you have to be everywhere! adoptToday consumers can buy toilet paper by voice command via a virtual assistant, try on clothes through a device that combines virtual reality with the real environment, pre-purchase food so that it is ready to be picked up as soon as they arrive at the establishment etc.

What are the new 4 Ps of Marketing

Even brick-and-mortar stores are undergoing changes, as, for example, when customers are passing in front of a store display and can receive alerts, personalized discounts and interact via smartphones. Retailers must rethink their possibilities, building relationships that transit through physical and digital environments. In the digital environment, speed, convenience and accessibility matter Ecuador Phone Number List a lot! Personal Customization In the past, consumer products and goods were mass-produced. The old Ps worked very well, they were thought of in this optics and they worked very well considering that. However, today’s consumer is different, and the new consumer demands a high level of personalization! In the past, everything was based on massification: mass production, mass marketing and mass communication. These concepts just don’t make as much sense with the internet anymore.

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While the internet is an ocean of information, personalization comes to connect intentions with interactions, making a bridge. The search itself (the act of carrying out a search on the web) has become increasingly personalized, even moving towards absolute personalization. There is already geographic segmentation , by gender, by age, offers based on the subjects that the person shows interest, etc. The searchuses machine learning to quickly process massive Aleart News amounts of data and deliver increasingly contextualized and relevant results. It is especially based on search habits, location and information provided by the user, evolving into artificial intelligence. The goal today is to deliver a highly relevant result for that specific client, and not the same result for thousands of people. Today’s retail must focus on personalization .