Do you have a website where you show your products

Why do I need web maintenance? If you have had the help of a web designer and you have your Kazakhstan Phone Number website ready for your potential clients to know and contact you, it is time to keep your website in perfect condition to avoid problems. If you have developed your website in WordPress, like everything else, if you don’t pay attention to it, it gets lost or gets worse.

You need to have professionals who manage a web maintenance for you

Update WordPress and plugins Once you have the website , all the tools used: CMS (WordPress) and the plugins for your website to work, are releasing new versions. It is important that your wordPress is updated to the new version that is available and with it the plugins. But beware! Even if it seems silly, you have to have a backup of your website to restore it if necessary. Version or PHP incompatibility issues may arise during the upgrade. improve security These updates respond to one reason: to improve the security of the websites and add new features.

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If you leave your website without updating

It is more likely that it will suffer attacks and also that there will come a day when you want to modify something on the website and you cannot. obsolete web As we anticipated, having this web maintenance means that your website does not become obsolete. If you do not update, there will come a day when your website cannot be touched because it “breaks”. In some clients we have seen this case. Nothing has been updated and over the years. Tlthough they had a website with a good design and usable for the user. They could not access the website to make simple changes and had to develop a new website. Updated information In many cases. In addition to the technical part of web maintenance . Certain text and image modifications are included. So you can have your website with the most up-to.

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