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The term Growth Hacking was invented by Sean Ellis and popularized in 2010. The most correct definition, according to him, is “experiment-oriented marketing”. That is, finding opportunities/gaps (hacks) for success and creating specific strategies aimed at rapid results for the company’s growth. In Portuguese, as an expression, growth hacking has no translation and it is difficult to be literal about its meaning. The words alone mean: Growth – growth. Hack – breach, space, cut. Hacking – the act of finding and exploiting these loopholes and spaces. Therefore, growth hacking is understood as the practice of finding “triggers” that, when triggered, promote accelerated growth! Other visions appeared over time.

The professional profile

Andrew Chen took the concept to a wider audience in a post titled. Growth Hacker is the new VP of Marketing. He wrote that growth hackers Growth Harckers are a hybrid hybrid of marketers and programmers” who answer the traditional ‘how to get customers for my product’ question Ghana Phone Number List with A/B testing, landing pages , virals, techniques to get emails to their recipients and metadata…” The professional profile “Accelerating growth” is the main objective . Therefore, the professional Growth Hacker is the accelerator agent. He is the person who understands technology very well and is willing to master it more and more, with the differential of using all this knowledge for the growth of companies.

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So it’s not just Marketing

In other words having technical and practical knowledge of marketing is just one . The requirements The Growth Hacker needs to know deeply aspects such as. Consumer psychology; The technology. The processes involved in the purchase journey; and the methods of Aleart News experimentation. And, among this knowledge, the most relevant is the one that deals with consumer behavior during the purchase journey. The main thing is to understand that the behavior of customers, like market trends, is also influenced by social, political, economic and cultural aspects. Thus, knowing not only the public’s behavior in the market, but also the characteristics that most influence purchasing power, it is possible to combine knowledge about Marketing and Technology.

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