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There are still those who believe that they can run a business entirely through social media. Of course, there are those who do it. Better or worse, but my experience of more. Than 10 years in digital marketing has shown me that. A business with its own website has better results than a brand that is limited to social networks. The reasons are easy to understand. On the one hand, a website represents an investment and if that brand has invested in having an online presence in this format it is because whoever is behind the brand is taking it seriously, in a really professional way.

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On the other hand, as a consumer, i feel much safer paying on a website, buying from a brand that has this type of presence, than sending money via bank transfer or mbway through message exchanges on a social network. What makes many entrepreneurs inhibit themselves Portugal Phone Number List from creating a website is the idea that this is an expensive investment that they cannot afford, but this is far from the truth and i will show you in this article how to have a website with hosting and own domain can be really cheap. What is accommodation? Hosting is disk space purchased from a server that allows you to store all the content of your website on the internet.

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If You Are Thinking of Sharing the Cost

Just as your computer has disk space, to have a website you will also need space on a server. On the sites that offer hosting services, there is an endless range of features and characteristics associated with each of the options Aleart News presented. However, for those who don’t understand programming, a lot of things can just confuse more than help. The four essential points are: domain – does the host already offer a free domain with the first year purchase? Or will you have to pay for the domain separately? And if it does, what is the value of the domain from the second year? Multi-domains – in addition to the main domain, does the hosting allow hosting any other domains.

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