SEO Requirements for Dynamic Rendering

With this configuration, it is not immediately clear to Google that the html differs per device.
You can also point Google out to crawl the page by Googlebot for smartphones:

  • Use the Vary HTTP header  to tell Google that the html of a page differs per user agent (desktop or mobile) requesting the page. You can check this with a browser extension, such as SEO Peek (available for Google Chrome and Safari).
  • Because this view focuses on user-agent detection, it is important that this technical detection works properly. You can check this by testing with different devices and smartphones.

You can already get a first impression with tools such as  , but it is not always reliable. So always test this extra.

3. SEO Requirements for Individual URLs

If the URL of a page differs per device, it is necessary to link the same page on different URLs (intended for different devices).

  •  browser extension SEO Peek .
  • Add an automatic redirect (preferably a 302 redirect) based on user-agent discovery to redirect each device to the URL most appropriate for the device requesting the page. You can check this with a combination VP Manufacturing Production Email Lists of Chrome  Redirect path and User-agent switcher browser extensions .  is useful for checking redirects on multiple URLs at the same time .
  • Provide each device-specific website with a sitemap.xml file so that Google can quickly and easily discover these URLs. So for mobile URLs you create a specific mobile XML sitemap . You can also add ‘rel=“alternate”’ annotations to the sitemap.xml file instead of the html document.

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Conclusion: not mobile = loss

Google will prioritize websites that work well on mobile devices in its (mobile) search results from April 21, 2015. Is your website not usable on mobile devices? Then you simply lose it to competitors who are ‘mobile-friendly’. Check out the entire checklist (PDF) for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update. By following the steps described above, you are ready for the new algorithm. Although it is expected that Google will raise the bar and that your mobile performance will be taken into account more and more.

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