EdgeRank What is it and how does it influence

Edgerank is a facebook algorithm that determines. Taking into account some factors. What will be the reach of the publications of a page/profile depending on the history of the content published on it . How could he score a post that hasn’t been published yet? Analyzing your history! So based on that. Each new post gets points. In that sense. If your post receives a low score. Few people will see it in the news feed. However. If the post receives a high score. More people will be able to view it organically. You might be thinking: what is the meaning of edge and rank? Let’s explain! Edge corresponds to all actions that occur within facebook: likes. Comments. Shares. Tags. Every interaction. Action. Is part of edge. Rank . As the word itself suggests. Is responsible for ranking all these actions.

What is EdgeRank

Let’s take an example adobe’s facebook profile you liked the adobe page on facebook and you have liked some publications. Commented on them and even shared our content. That part is the edge. After this period. Rank comes into action. And analyzes all the interactions you had with our content. And then it provides a rating. Establishes a degree Philippines Phone Number List of importance that adobe’s content has for you. Of course. You like other pages and it does this process on all of them. Then he sets up a scoreboard. So to speak. And those you interacted with. Had more contact with. Will be at the top. And the ones with less interaction. Near the end. Did you get it? But where does the news feed come in? By ranking this. If you interact with adobe more than other pages.

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EdgeRank Calculation Formula

Even because Have you ever imagined the pollution that facebook would be if only content from pages appeared and nothing from your friends and family? Tip: in january 2018. Facebook changed the relevance of company posts on the social network precisely in order to bring users back and offer only really relevant content. Giving priority Aleart News to posts from friends and family. The article on the topic can be read here . Edgerank calculation formula so let’s see the formula! Remember that we mentioned that there are some factors that he uses in this classification? I present to you: affinity. Weight and time. Affinity – which in the formula is represented by the letter u – is related to the relationship between the brand and a fan. All the interactions it has with you.