Email List Management Services – The 3 Requirements

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Is there a such thing as a legitimate and reliable email list management service?

Having a reliable service that will store your subscribers and send out unlimited emails is a crucial thing for full time internet marketers. What destroyed many marketers in the past was poor Denmark Email List management services that ruined their entire list database and penalized their host server due to spam complaints. These email list services were not CAN-SPAM compliant and they damaged the hard working list building efforts of many internet entrepreneurs.

Therefore, a top tier email list management service will be 100% CAN-SPAM compliant, as well as offer high email deliverability.

So what do the best email managing services offer to their users?

Listed below are 3 important requirements that should be included in any email management service you use now or in the future.

1. Must Have Good ISP Relations

Your email management service must have a great working relationship with all the major ISPs and email service providers to guarantee uninterrupted email deliverability for all of its customers.

A service that communicates often with the ISPs and ESPs is a very safe measure for you to have. If deliverability issues occurred with your account, an ISP manager will communicate directly to the affected providers for you.

The worst thing to ever have is an email list service that only broadcasts your messages to about 30% of your aleart news subscribers. An email list management service with a good relationship with the ISP can guarantee that your messages get broadcaster to over 97% of your entire email list.

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2. Must Include Anti-Spam Solutions

The best services will always make certain that your email campaigns are protected by the best and latest in anti-spam and delivery technology.

A good service will include built in mechanisms that will check whether or not your email message will appear to be spam. This is a great tool to have if you are sending out promotional emails on a consistent basis.

Also, great email management services will have strict anti spam regulations for its users as well. A good service should endorse permission based email marketing only. If this is not clear in their terms and benefits, stay away from them. An excellent service is interested in maintaining control over the quality of mailings that is sent out through their service so that they can penalize the spammers. This is needed in order to protect the legitimate customers from poor deliverability of their email messages.

3. Must Have Great Technical Support

Good email list management services will never leave you out in the cold. They should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer any type of help if you encounter technical problems. A good service must have a help desk or an active message board where you can submit any question regarding your service.

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