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The word emoji comes from the union of “e” (絵), which means image in Japanese and “moji” (文字), which means letter. That is, they are symbols that represent a complete idea, word or sentence. These symbols look like expressions, objects, animals, types of weather, flags, professions, sports, etc. Illustrations go beyond a simple smile or icon, these devices are used to express an idea or emotion. With rapid adoption rates, emojis are the fastest growing language in the UK, for example, evolving faster than older forms of communication such as hieroglyphics. In 2015, as a way to capitalize on their popularity, Instagram launched support for them in hashtags. This means that emojis (and their combinations) can now be searched on the platform.

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No less was expected from Instagram, as the app is entirely a visual platform. On the net, even the captions and comments — sections intended for text — present images through these little animals. Social Network Data The use of emojis increases engagement on Twitter by 25.4%; On Facebook, the number of likes increases by up to 57% with Honduras Phone Number List the use of characters, while comments and shares increase by 33%; 92% of internet users use them; On Instagram, posts with them increase engagement by about 17%; 50% of captions and comments on Instagram have at least one emoji. popular emojis An analysis of the top 100 emojis on Instagram was carried out. The most used is the red heart! Positivity is also super present on the list.

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Four of the top five are positive smiley faces. And when you look at the top 20, half of them are smileys. But it’s not just smileys that enjoy the top spots: hearts, kisses and hands with positive gestures also rank highly. See the top 10: adopt But what does this have to do with marketing? If emojis Aleart News are so popular, it is clear that companies have already realized the possibility of incorporating them into their marketing strategies. Why not? Emojis are a good way to grab consumers’ attention and convey feelings in messages, making them more empathetic, fun and expressive. Emojis have the ability to humanize the brand, creating proximity to the consumer and expressing emotions and feelings. However, this type of “embellishment” is not advised to deal with complaints.