Entrepreneur’s WeChat User Manual: Practical, Efficient, Ruthless

WeChat is an important, even the most important work tool, but I see Entrepreneur’s WeChat that many people do not use it, so I am really anxious! in a hurry!

My WeChat experience is very crude, but definitely useful, do it!

Firmly focus on a WeChat account

Many students need to open a second account because WeChat is full; many students are in the Internet venture capital circle, and they also delusionally separate life and work, and love and dating.

No need, everyone has absolutely no mind and energy to Afghanistan Phone Number manage the second WeChat account. The friend of the second WeChat account is definitely a friend who is a pity to abandon and tasteless. He is not called a friend, but can only be called your social waste asset.

We can and only live our private life seriously on one WeChat Entrepreneur’s WeChat App, as well as connect with colleagues, get along with friends, and play with our circle of friends.

Some people will ask, what should I do if one personal WeChat account is not enough, there are the following clear methods, and I will tell you right away.

Take enterprise WeChat as the first work WeChat

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Afghanistan Phone Number

Except for small companies like Qunxiang, we do business on WeChat, and we can’t use WeChat to fully serve customers for the time being; companies in other scenarios, especially employees of large-scale companies, have no reason to inexplicably put people who don’t know each other. Colleagues added to their personal WeChat.

Enterprise WeChat can save your WeChat friends pit, and can more efficiently isolate invalid work information after work, why not do it?

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Set WeChat friends to add without confirmation

In the WeChat App “Privacy” , you do not need to confirm the settings to add friends. Every friend who adds you can start a conversation with you without you adding it.

When I was young, I heard that many VC’s GPs used this way. These GPs didn’t want to add others, but they were afraid of missing out on great projects, so they set it like this without fear of harassment.

The advantage of this setting is that you can let them scan the code to add people who you need to connect with inexplicably, or people who need to add friends in a polite manner.