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It is recommend that providing information to customers should provide truthful information. Including basic knowlge of Digital Marketing as well. When we provide truthful information Along with providing knowlge to. Digital Marketing customers, it will help customers. Underst us better. What is the reason we market like this? to have to do this It makes us our customers learn together. customers get more information we learn something from our. Customers’ businesses. prictable bas on available information But don’t let your hopes get too high.

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It is not wrong for us to create a KPI or be it . In which customers tend to look at the results at the end, it is very common that doing KPIs or forecasting the results if on the E-Commerce side will often look at ROAS, ROI, GMV, Value, Conversions or, if so. On the lead side, we often look at the CPL, or lead count, which can be prict bas on our usual Albania Phone Number List experience. If we are people who do KPI or prict results, suggest that It should be as realistic as possible. to prevent customers from. Expecting too much But perhaps Digital Marketing customers may not underst much.

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Up to the request size Or have very high expectations, there is often a request that doing Digital Marketing this time will get GMV or how. Much advertising revenue. If the request is more than the reality that has been done before. for example From personal experience, there have been customers who want to invest 20,000 baht to sell Aleart News products worth a total of around 200,000 baht, which is the 10th ROAS. The product is a cream that is only sold online. The price is not very high. makes us talk to customers that It’s very difficult because from the past, these products ROAS will be only (but if selling a car, selling a house, it’s possible) there is a very high chance to advertise not make a profit because this is marketing There is no guarantee.

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