Europe approved a ban on disposable plastics

During the last months, the conversation about the problems that the planet faces regarding the care of the environment have gained relevance, especially those related to plastics; As a result of the above Finland Phone Number List, multiple brands, organizations and governments announced that they would stop using these products in order to contribute to nature.

One of the most important blocks is the European Union , the deputies of the area approved this Wednesday the prohibition of disposable plastics used in a wide variety of goods, such as straws, bags and cotton swabs, which has forced firms to recycle more in an effort to reduce ocean pollution.

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According to a Reuters report , under the proposal, overwhelmingly supported by the European Parliament, some single-use plastic products with readily available alternatives would be banned by 2021. Meanwhile, European Union states would be forced to recycle 90 percent of plastic bottles by 2025, while producers would help cover the costs of waste management.

Likewise, European Union legislators added very light plastic bags, polystyrene containers used in fast food and products made of oxo degradable plastics, which critics say do not decompose completely Phone Number List, to the list proposed by the economic bloc’s executive at the beginning. of year.

Delta Air Lines joins the action.

Similarly, this Wednesday the North American airline announced the elimination of plastic straws as well as stirring sticks that it offers in its aircraft and airport waiting rooms, following the measures taken this year by other major airlines to reduce plastic waste. .

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With this initiative, around 136 thousand kilograms of plastic will be eliminated per year, a weight close to that of two Boeing 757 aircraft, the firm detailed. Instead, Delta will start using birch or bamboo mixers, although the company will supply these products if customers request them.