Even without Julio Regalado, La Comer doubled profits during the summer

A few days ago we realized that for the Soriana group the purchase of a brand like Julio Regalado does not seem to have given good results, since during this promotion the retail firm did not manage to exceed its sales Egypt Phone Number List levels during the third quarter of 2018 -read detailed information through this link -.

On the other hand, the La Cómer group – which owned the Comercial Mexicana and Mega brands, among other stores and brands that were sold to Soriana – managed to obtain good results in the same period, which generated an operating flow in the third quarter of 2018 of 619 million pesos, 104.6 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

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And it is that the sales of La Cómer -which operates La Cómer, City Market, Fresko and Sumesa stores- increased 7.5 percent in the quarter, in addition to an additional income of 230 million pesos from the sale of a property in Puebla.

In total, the store reports that total revenues during the period from July to September of 4 thousand 931 million pesos, that is, 16.4 percent more.

For its part, the company’s net profit reached 309 million pesos, which represents an increase of 128.3 percent compared Phone Number List to the third quarter of 2017, reflecting the strong rise in its operating profit.

Was Soriana wrong when acquiring different brands of Comercial Mexicana? Probably not if it is considered that the volume of assets of Soriana grew the same as its sales volumes that are higher than those of La Cómer, but it is likely that the brands of the former Comercial Mexicana achieved a new projection that is being reflected in high sales volumes compared to the previous year.

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