Event marketing: Apple greeted guests with barbecue and pastor tacos for a reason

Steve Jobs created the Apple Event and nothing has been the same in product presentation since then. It was a watershed in event marketing and a definite boost for the technology industry Armenia Phone Number List, grabbing attention and making the most of it as advertising.

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The presentation event for the new iPad is no exception, so the details that Apple has put into it are part of a careful event Phone Number List marketing strategy.

On this occasion, it included a key element: studs . In the Mexican style, the brand welcomed its guests in Tacombi , with barbecue, pastor and chicken tacos; an action praised in social networks.

The Mexican market is increasingly important to Apple, so the relationship with this issue is not random.

In addition to this original movement, details are everything in the events, for this reason, he offered stamps with the 370 logos that he made for each invitation to the media for the event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, at the Howard Opera House. Gilman.

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