Every Lunar New Year, someone must take Japan as an example and call on the

Every Lunar New Year, someone must take Japan as an example and call on the government to “revise the Chinese New Year holiday to align with the world order.” Otherwise, from the Chinese New Year to the Lunar New Year, it will be as short as half a month and as long as about a month and a half. Most countries have entered a new year, but Taiwan is still stuck in the previous year, the timing is disordered, and people’s hearts are fluctuating; and the Spring Festival holiday is short. It will last for six days, and it will last for nearly ten days. It will seriously affect the international competitiveness of the economy, and it will be a stumbling block to Taiwan’s modernization. Opponents argue that the Lunar New Year is an important part of tradut a month.


The calendar is always changing, not standing still In the field of the history

of science, the study of the calendar is one of the most difficult and complex topics because it involves political and cultural Portugal Phone Number  factors. Among them, the discussion of the lunar calendar is the most likely to lead to confrontation. However, what is certain is that the lunar calendar has changed many times, “according to the times”, and the festivals of different eras are also different, and the calendars of India, Europe, and Arab countries have also been referenced. necessary. In fact, it is an irreversible trend that not only the Spring Festival, but the lunar festivals are becoming less and less. In addition to the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, and the Winter Solstice, there are still existing lunar festivals, such as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the birthdays of many Taoist gods. The spring and autumn equinoxes dissipate as quickly.

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However, when the mainstream calendar in Taiwanese society changed

From the lunar calendar to the Western calendar. Many lunar calendar habits gradually declined, and some people sighed and wailed at the beginning. But after it disappeared completely, no one but historians can remember it. For example, the Western calendar uses weeks as the intermediate unit of day and month. But the lunar calendar uses ten days (ten days) as the intermediate unit; during the Japanese occupation period. Taiwanese magazines were mostly ten-day  In Chinese, dan has multiple meanings, one of which means “the first day”.