Exclusive interview: Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken, Tec ate and Nomad take the Great Effie 2018

The Effie Awards have been held since 2000 and since then have an economic impact that drives 11 percent of GDP, according to the Mexican Association of Advertising Agencies (AMAP). In this, the 2018 edition, the Effies recognize the extraordinary Dominican Republic Phone Number List business results, through a strict selection process of the winning cases, aligned to international standards and with a high-level jury.

The Great Effie is the most precious among the awards and this year it was won by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Heineken, Tecate and Nomada in the Sustained Success category.

We spoke exclusively to the strategists behind this success .

“It was trying to turn it around a bit, for a long time we talked about ‘You need to see more boxing’ and we had to give this new edition a twist and the truth is that we find out how this evolution could be reflected in a new campaign Phone Number List that despite three years working on the same creative idea was something new , “he told exclusively for Merca2.0 , Diana Lozada, brand manager for Tecate .

Ericka Tolosa, VP account service at Nomada , shared with us that “Clearly there is a business challenge and a strategic challenge to position the brand as one of the most relevant. When you have such a successful celebrity and the campaign acquires a culturally popular resonance, it is very easy for you to get fed up quickly, so trying to maintain this culturally relevant validity has been one of the most important challenges for us ”.

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