Facebook Ads: what they can do for you

However, being made up of so many free advertising possibilities, it ends up making users ignore paid tools like Facebook Ads.

And to tell the truth, if what we want is to improve results, investing in this tool is essential.

Unlike AdWords , Facebook Ads can work within the social network, with some features that can be useful in your marketing strategy. If you are an inventor, for example, it is not very likely that someone will discover the name of your invention out of nowhere and search for it on Google. While with the use of Facebook Ads, there is more chance that users will see you.

On top of that, by being a place where people leave their personal data, segmentation becomes more precise and easier. If the focus of your campaign is gaining customer loyalty and brand building (rather than just selling), this is certainly a tool that deserves your attention.

facebook ads

There are 8 types of ads you can do within Facebook. These are:
Page Post Development:
It allows you to boost a publication of your page, showing it a greater number of times to your followers, thus increasing the number of likes, comments and times shared.

Page Likes:
These are ads to increase your fan base by encouraging people to like your page.

Clicks on the site:
Allow the user to be dissected to your website.

On-site conversions:
Similar to the previous one, this UK Phone Number vone is more focused on conversions and not on accesses and clicks.

Application installation:
It allows you to encourage users to install your application.

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Development with the application :
They are ads with the aim of generating more activities from your application.

Participations in an event:
Ads to promote an event on the site.

Varieties on offer

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Ads promoting an offer. It is necessary to create a new offer or use an already created one.

Each of these options has a very different result and must be used according to the strategic objectives.

Keep in mind what the objectives are when making your campaign.
facebook ads
One of the most common options is to promote one of your content.

It is also one of the most efficient to configure. Below each post on your page, there should be a “promote” button.

By clicking on this, a set of screens will appear to guide you through the process, defining payment method, investment value and campaign audience. With that you will be able to show your content to more users, avoiding the EdgeRock of Faceboo, which is shown in the post for the most engaged users.

There are also various targeting possibilities within Facebook. The most important ones are:

Allows a specific region to be delimited for the campaign. It is very useful for small companies with local businesses, where advertising for an audience in another city, for example, does not make sense.