Featured campaign: Rafa in confidence, or the importance of values ​​to be successful

What are the keys necessary to be successful in life? To be happy? These questions are among the issues with the highest incidence rate in different areas and sectors. Although it does not have an exact answer, in the world in which we find ourselves, through a prominent campaign Colombia Phone Number List it can be served in a correct way. In any person, this thought is reproduced in an almost generalized way: An important part of our life is based on trust. Trusting oneself can be one of the most important elements, even a key to the future success of our actions.

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What are the advantages of showing confidence in sectors such as marketing?
In all sectors, people who project self-confidence are considered natural leaders or references. Self-confidence is a conviction. When one seeks to stimulate it, channel it and take advantage of it, different perspectives have to be considered.

Many institutions linked to human and social development constantly generate advertising campaigns that are motivators for change. They try to promote attitudes and behaviors that promote awareness values. For this example, the ability of social marketing to reach the consumer’s mind stands out.

Social marketing, a question of a sector?
Social marketing applies strategies to social causes. The concept, as another type of fact related to the principle of promotion and practice, focused on behaviors, on persuading the audience about behavioral changes and personal well-being. One of them, trust.

In this way, the constitution of social marketing has, among one of its key actions, the fact of creating an outstanding campaign that can improve sales while working in an educational and formative way. In addition, it promotes personal functioning.

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Advertising campaigns that have this type of fact, are intended to anticipate and perform certain types of actions. Warn before possible problems, in correspondence with an achievement.

However, its effectiveness and impact has a greater amount of contribution (and importance) in the social context. Thus, by working on skills and aptitudes, objectives can be achieved. Objectively, to a greater extent, the great refusal of people is due to a social circumstance.

On many occasions, taking the example of admired people can be a helpful approach. Not all of them came and were immediately successful. Learning about failures, analyzing situations that led to change, are, among many factors, the guideline for action that will help.

Remember that the relationship with yourself is the most important you have, because your ties with others depend on it. You, are you ready to have more confidence in yourself? Lack of confidence exposes situations – we have embarrassing situations or make mistakes – to see opportunities in life’s bumps.

Via: Youtube Mapfre
Rafael Nadal is a Spanish tennis player. Today, he is considered one of the best tennis players in history and the best of all time on the court. It is practically impossible to imagine a modern professional tennis player without seeing an image related to him. Not even knowing his name.

Although, there are also a number of people who do not have access and resources for this type of sport. According to Federated with Sports, his hobby in the world reaches up to 300 million. This undoubtedly represents a disadvantage that keeps millions of people behind.

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Fortunately, this is not an impediment to encourage personal confidence through the figure of Rafa Nadal. Something that was seen as an excellent opportunity for Mapfre, who seek to demonstrate that the key to eliminating fears and insecurities to achieve success is based on self-confidence.

Through a digital campaign, in which five videos are presented on the facets of the tennis player’s life, the personal and family activities he carries out, some reflections are shared through a series of conversations.

About the learnings you get throughout your career, as well as the challenges and opportunities Phone Number List you have faced in your personal life. The importance of promoting values ​​regardless of the origin of the people.

The problem
For all types of situations, you have to look for information if you want to know the panorama in which you are. However, in the world, personality can be an agent of change. It is because of this situation that highlighting values ​​as elements to improve confidence can be an answer. Through actions that are emphasized in a prominent campaign, such as Rafa Nadal’s, this action is encouraged.


Although this is demonstrated in a personal way, the fact that a person like Rafa Nadal exposes his life, can be taken as an example. Any type of action must have a backup implementation that can be considered as a role model. Under the concept of improving personal confidence, through a strong identity.

Take advantage of a personal brand to improve and solve a general problem, take advantage of the situation to have a platform. Without a doubt, the purpose is to improve the reach of the message. Those who cannot zoom beyond their problem, the message will be processed to deliver a response from the audience.

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This campaign managed to expose, to a greater or lesser extent, the presence of social marketing in the panorama of commercial audiences, beyond the institutions. The highlighted campaign is made through the experience of a person, with an insurance brand behind.