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Network are websites such as techchrunch, engadget, huffingtonpost. Pros: It is fast Easy to use Amazing home screen layout Cons: Does not date search results 9. Baidu Baidu has a market share of 1.1% worldwide. This search engine was found launch in Though a relative unknown in the Unit States, Baidu is the most popular in China. It serves at least 4 billion search queries every month. Pros: A one-stop  of information Easy to use Cons: Not fast enough 10. Dogpile Search Dogpile Search is one of the most popular search engines from the 90s when.

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Google wasn’t this big. This is a metasearch engine that fetches its results from more than one search engine. It then collects the most accurate results then presents them to you. Dogpile claims that they work better than all other search engines in terms of accuracy spe. Pros: Easy to delete recent history Has a second search box Does not have ads or Changsha Phone Number List images Cons: Only a few preferences can be it There is no sorting option Difficult to access Yex has a market share of 0.51% worldwide. Yex is the most popular search engine us in Russia. It has quickly risen to become more popular worldwide for those looking for easy-to-use search pages between different languages.

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It features English, Russian, German, French, other Eastern European languages. This allows bilingual searchers or students to easily find whatever it is they’re looking for in another language. Pros: Clean, colourful user interface Blocks dangerous websites pop-ups Excellent translation feature Cons: No longer in development for roid The Aleart News Final Word Whether you have been looking for search engines for students or what is the second top us search engine after Google, you can get your answer from this list. Bing has always kept Google on toes, but the other engines are also doing great as they have unique features that make each of them.

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