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To delete unnecessary publications. How to get archiv photo back on Instagram If you have a gadget on the roid operating system, the procure  photos from their Instagram archive is as follows Launch your Instagram log in to your profile by clicking on the corresponding icon in the bottom right corner Instagram profile In your profile, go to the archive by clicking on the button in the form of a dial Click on the button with the image of the clock face Clock button You will be mov to the story archive, label Story Archive at the top Instagram stories archive.

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Tap the arrow to the right of this shortcut   to Archive option Archive of publications A page will open with your previously archiv messages Select the message you want to recover click the button with three vertical dots in the top right Button with three Mexico Phone Number List vertical dots In the open optional plate, select the option Show in profile Show in profile . Your pos will be restor to your profile in the same place as before. Show in profile option How to set up automatic archiving How to set up automatic archiving If you do not want your photos in the stories section to disappear completely after the broadcast ends, set them to be automatically add to the archive list.

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The procure is only a few clicks away, but you don’t have to do everything manually every time. Consider ucation Launch the mobile app on your device.Open social network Instagram Log in to your account using your username password. Go to your personal page. Press the button in the form of three parallel lines. Click You can get a link to your Aleart News personal page through another user, for this you ne to go to your account page from someone else’s Instagram profile select the  three dots  sign in the window that opens, click  Share this profile  in the line that appears, enter your name or select it from the list of dialog boxes then we give the comms  send    ready  go back to your account.

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