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Open the dialog in which our message arriv press hold on a profile message to view the panel at the bottom select share send a link to a personal no longer google I click on the archive on Instagram, where to watch? . Everything is extremely simple. How to delete a photo from the archive on Instagram remove Now let’s see how to delete photos archive. To delete a post from the archive on Insta,profile to the recipients we ne. If you ne to send a link to your. Personal profile to another social network or messenger, then in the menu section, click copy profile URL open the desir dialog paste the link we copi from the clipboard send it to the desir address.

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Another easy way to copy the Instagram link from your phone log into your account select any publication from us, open it click on the  three dots  sign click  Share from the propos list, select the application we ne send the link to the destination. In Iran Phone Number List this case, the message will contain a direct link to the publication its signature. Once. Navigat, the user will open the Instagram mobile app, be. Rirect to the page with your post, by clicking their name at the top of the post, they will be able to access their Instagram profile.

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If your account is clos the other person is not register, all posts will be hidden. The user will. Immiately go to the main page of their Instagram profile. How to copy url to someone else’s Instagram profile In order to copy the URL to Aleart News someone else’s Instagram profile, you’ll ne to sign in first. In front of its login display, you will see a three dot sign. Click on it select Copy Profile URL . Thus, you get a link to someone else’s Instagram profile, which you can share in messages or save in your contacts.

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