Full Sana Commerce Cloud Review

B2B e-commerce and B2C businesses as manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers face many challenges, the most important of which is ensuring customer satisfaction. To help your customers put a smile on their faces, using the right software platform is imperative for your business. Sana Commerce Cloud is one such platform. So, in this Sana Commerce review, we take a deep dive into what this ecommerce solution has to offer.


What is Sana Commerce Cloud?

Its CEO is Michiel Schipperus, and the Algeria Mobile Number company aims to provide an e-commerce platform to help distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers run their online businesses. That is, by eliminating system silos and unnecessary complexity and adaptation that some mainstream e-commerce solutions cause. First, the Dutch business helps entrepreneurs run an online store, providing customers with reliable and accurate data. The platform does this by combining your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and e-commerce capabilities as a unified structure. Therefore, you only need to maintain one database, and update the data in real time. As of this writing, it is used by more than 1,500 businesses around the world in a variety of industries including automotive, chemical, construction, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical supplies, electronics, distribution and retail. Additionally, some of their well-known clients include heavyweights such as Mitsubishi, Hummer International and Pepco.

Sana Commerce Cloud Features

Sana Commerce offers a variety of features, but Algeria Mobile Number we are partitioning the following set of key features While it’s natural for businesses to focus on how their website looks, it’s equally important to have a platform that makes it easy to provide customers with a seamless experience. Sana’s order management features are designed to do just that. Sana Commerce’s order management feature automatically creates product pages for your online store based on the products in your ERP and product information management system (also known as a PIM system). If you make any changes to the products in the ERP, it will be reflected in your online store in real time. As a result, all of your products will display the correct images, availability, ratings, reviews, product descriptions, prices, and more.

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Algeria Mobile Number
Algeria Mobile Number

visual designer

Sana Commerce comes with a drag-and-drop Algeria Mobile Number visual designer  buying. Also, all pages are responsive and therefore mobile, desktop and tablet friendly.You can view analytics, order number data, order value, customer number and revenue from one dashboard. Instead of Google Analytics, Sana uses Piwik PRO to provide insights and clickstream data to clients. These analytics are customer-specific rather than anonymous, so you can dual customer purchase and click paths at divi. You can also let customers zoom in on specific features from a single product image. From here, customers can also add products to their cart and view additional product information. This is especially useful for B2B customers who sell spare parts, for example.