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Is here with us, this is a year when technology is not only influencing consumer behaviour but businesses as well. Today, more than ever before, businesses are being forc to adapt to changing times. Companies that want to remain ahead of their competition have no option but to learn all the must-know digital marketing trends in Contents hide Shopper tainment Personalisation Programmatic advertising 4 4. Influencers Messaging app & Direct messaging Super app Podcast Value data privacy  Cause-driven marketing 10 Final Words 1. Shoppertainment  According to this article, in Thail other countries in Southeast Asia, Lazada Shopee are among the e-commerce platforms that believe live stream .

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Shoppertainment can greatly help sellers to connect with audiences. Instead of just posting photos, these sellers broadcast in real-time, showing themselves trying on clothes, doing reviews on products or unboxing. This is a great way for sellers to gauge buyers’ interest in various products, building br personality, increasing fan base generating List of Phone Numbers in Gansu additional revenue. 2. Personalisation Customisation start to  mid last year. It’s expect that personalisation will continue to gain ground this year, the coming years. Many internet users today frown upon the use of generic adverts. As such, you have to look for material that won’t bore your target audience.

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The only way to do this is to come up with custom adverts. Digital marketing agencies can work with you to help you come up with a truly personalis marketing campaign. A good way to get start would be through the creation of segment adverts emailing lists. 3. Programmatic advertising Programmatic advertising happens to be one of the hottest topics in the ad world today. Any person looking to use digital marketing in Thail has no option Aleart News but to learn how to apply it.A Super App is technically a marketplace comprising numerous services as well as offerings. All these are deliver through in-house technology via third-party integrations. Super Apps have many benefits for your br. 

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