Game of Thrones is the subject of this ‘creepy’ Google Chromebook ad

Google wants its Chromebooks to take off and for this it bets on one of the most successful series of recent years: Game of Thrones . In a collaboration that mixes a kind of ‘humor’ with the characters of the HBO series, it aims to help Lebanon Phone Number List position the show on the way to its final season (despite the fact that it is several months before its premiere) and to promote laptops powered by the giant of Mountain View.

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Let us remember that Chromebooks are a line of laptops that use the Chrome OS operating system and, although they were released in 2011 – they are manufactured by different brands such as Acer, Samsung and HP – they have not excelled as desired.

According to a recent study by Futuresource Consulting , these laptops have good penetration in the United States, where they account for 59.6 percent of the educational market Phone Number List, surpassing Windows with 25.6 percent and Apple, with 10.6 percent for iOS and 3.5 percent for MacOS.

But, globally things change, Chromebooks have just 6 percent of the market, surpassed by iOS with 9 percent, Android with 17 percent and a far cry from Windows, which dominates the classroom with 65 percent. , according to data from the same source.

So, the idea of ​​appealing to Game of Thrones is to try to take advantage of their engagement and show the functionality of these computers, with the idea of ​​positioning themselves as an option for the consumer and increasing sales.

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