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Regarding the structure of the text, Rene lobbied for simple rules. To be followed Font size at least px , pay attention to the contrast with the background and use serif fonts. Paragraphs – sentences, use white space. Headings write good headings, because bad headings make texts “invisible” to readers, and use subheadings. Lists make the text clearer for readers and crawlers and can conjure up nicer snippets in the SERP. Images, audio, video multimedia content simply entertains the reader. Rene’s writing methods have definite advantages – they are scalable, “made” for people, great for Google, and you can easily use them to improve even older articles.

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Presented a bunch of tools in his presentation, and since there are never enough tools, we’ll highlight the most interesting ones For collecting keywords you might find  and “site KW intitle ” tools useful . Looking for new topics? Try Track important LPs and URLs for free with or will alert you Armenia Phone Number List to changes on the page deletion of URLs, changes in titles and meta descriptions . And with , you’ll discover what Google is hiding from you in ” not provided “. Do you need to find your way around internal linking.

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GEPHI shows you which pages on the web are currently the most linked and which are on the fringes, so you can identify lonely pages and internal and Aleart News optimize your internal and external How to organize work on the project and catch any problems? including don’t rely on the free time capacity of your interns and let the CMS allow you to edit all important SEO fields titles, meta descriptions, definitions of structured data, canonicals. clean your Google Search Console from error pages. A special script will help you with this use the.

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