GitHub’s Horrible Debut as Part of Microsoft – Crashed Worldwide

A widespread failure of the GitHub site left its users with half-finished jobs this Sunday night and Monday morning, as reported by those affected and confirmed by the company Norway Phone Number List. The drop came at the same time that the European Commission confirmed that it found no complications to authorize the purchase of GitHub by the software giant Microsoft.

The fault began at 4 o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, October 21, western time in the United States, and lasted until Monday morning.

The website “has been stuttering”, as described by users on social networks, graphing the inconsistency of the system.

“The data storage system fell, forcing the platform engineers to move the files,” published The Register .

GitHub himself acknowledged the problem on his blog: “We are working on the migration from one data storage system to another to restore access to You may see inconsistent results during this process. “

The problem remained longer than planned by GitHub, and on Twitter they kept explaining that there would be more delays.

GitHub is a site that functions as repositories of source code, that is, the plain text documents that shape software programs.

On GitHub, developers can work collaboratively, track bugs, manage tasks, and get feedback, among other things.

While it failed, the European Commission approved the purchase by Microsoft for 7.5 billion dollars.

It did so without conditions, since from Brussels they do not consider that there may be competition problems, which is the existing risk by Phone Number List which they tend to intervene in the purchases of large companies.

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In a statement, they explained that “the combination of the activities of Microsoft and GitHub will not generate concern about competition in their markets, because once they are united, they will continue to have strong competition from other players in both areas.”

The Commission concluded that Microsoft would not have the ability to undermine the open nature of Git Hub, losing other software developers and cloud service providers.