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Traffic via mobile devices continues to increase and it seems only a matter of time before worldwide traffic via desktop becomes subordinate to traffic via mobile. For many companies and marketers, it is still a challenge to map mobile results. The new functionality of GWT offers a helping hand and makes it possible, among other things, to compare the CTR or average position on desktop and mobile. You can easily add a filter to devices with which you can compare devices. This way you can compare desktop against mobile, but also mobile against tablets.

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If you want to know how the performance of your website is in another country, you can also set a filter for this. Again, it is possible to compare the different insights with each other. For example, it may be interesting for some Dutch-language websites to compare the positions or CTR with the results in Belgium.

The country filter allows you to view your website’s various metrics for many other countries around the world. This can provide interesting insights in some Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists cases, especially for websites that are multilingual or internationally based.

Owner/Partner/Shareholder Email Lists

Search type

With the search type filter it is possible to understand the different performance of your website for web, images and video files. As discussed earlier, the number of impressions is calculated based on the number of times a specific website appears on page 1, regardless of whether the visitor has actually seen it. This is slightly different with the search type images. Google uses infinitely scrolling for this, so in this case your image must have been in the visitor’s crosshairs.

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What can you do with it?

There are many possibilities that you can test with the new search analysis tool. First of all, it is important to look at the CTR on certain keywords, to discover which pages do or do not match the search intent. For example, if you come across a keyword that is relevant to your business, but has a disappointing CTR, it may be a good idea to adjust your meta tags.