Google Ads what to evaluate to invest

Every time people click on an ad and go to your website. There is a relationship between what they searched for/searched for. What they found and the page they went to. Every ad has a strategy: generate visitors. Leads, Customers, Demo orders, Etc. This strategy needs to be continued when exiting the ad and going to the website. And here is the mistake of many entrepreneurs. For example, A person searches for a product and lands on the institutional website; or search for a specific product and fall into a category with hundreds of different products. These small mistakes represent wasted campaign money. In addition to burning the chance to win a customer. Failed campaigns google ads campaigns often fail to achieve their goals due to site structure issues.

Is your website ready for Adwords

As for the structure this does not refer only to the structure of pages. But mainly to the content and efficient navigability with the intention that the user finds what he is looking for. And for the purpose of the site to be achieved. See more below, How to know if the site is efficient? Evaluate the campaign strategy if the campaign strategy Armenia Phone Number List is to generate information/knowledge about the brand. The potential customer must be redirected to an institutional page or blog. If the objective is to generate leads. The campaign must direct to a specific page (downloadable material. E-book, Free course, Webina  If the objective is to generate a customer. The page must direct to the product/service directly. That is Before directing the user somewhere. You must define exactly what the objective and strategy of that campaign is.

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How to know if the site is efficient

If the objective is only to generate accesses. The targeting will be another. With a more specific objective. Check the continuity of the ad with the website is the site talking to the ad placed? Is there any continuity between the two? Imagine that you are walking through the city and Aleart News you hear a street vendor offering mineral water. You approach him with the aim of asking the price and he says “i’m not selling water. Just soda” It makes sense? Can you imagine this happening in real life? If someone is shouting offering a product and gets your attention with it. It’s imperative that they have it. The same goes for the digital medium. It is very common for campaigns to be created for something and. When the user clicks, They are directed to a general environment on the site.