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Google my business is a google platform. In which entrepreneurs can promote their business in organic search results. On google maps and google+ . It allows people to find the information they are looking for in a simple and practical way. And it is a useful tool for both customers and business owners. The service appeared in 2014 and has several features, including: enter and present your location on google maps (including a virtual tour of your business and route planning to the establishment); add contact data, such as address, e-mail, website and telephone (if a user searches from a cell phone, he can make the call from the search engine itself); view the store’s opening hours and busiest times ; display customer notes and comments show internal photos of the company and also of the products/services that the company offers.

Why is it important to be on Google

Share profiles from other social networks (such as leaving the address of facebook, instagram and other company digital presences). Why is it important to be on google? Having your business on google my business can help customers discover the products and services Kazakhstan Phone Number List you offer. Even if they are not looking for your company directly . For example, a person is looking for a nearby repair shop or a japanese food restaurant, they will google what they want and your business will appear in the search. With address information, hours, website, contact, recommendations and images. According to google, validated companies are twice as likely to be considered reputable by users. Adoptif we talk about local businesses, this functionality is even more important.

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Benefits of registering your business

If you have a local micro, small or medium business, making your business appear in google search results or on google maps is of fundamental importance for the business. Google my business is a digital marketing tool that you can take advantage of for free or for very little money. Local business entrepreneurs who can’t even imagine doing inbound Aleart News marketing are wrong. Because they think that the methodology is incompatible with the reality in which they live. Several ventures of this type have already had concrete results by investing in digital and you learn here what the advantages of this are! Benefits of registering your business on google my business control how customers see you with the tool, you are able to manage the information that google users see when they search for your business or the products and services you offer.