Google wants to be your travel guide and has prepared tools for it

Google refers to personalization as well as intuition to meet the needs and desires of consumers in terms of tourism. The search engine, Google, through all its artillery of artificial intelligence and above all, personal data Poland Phone Number List, has developed an application in which, derived from everything the user searches, from “the best tacos in Mexico City” to “dream trips” to create folders with information about hotels, restaurants and activities in specific destinations.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google refers to personalization as well as intuition to meet the needs and desires of consumers in terms of tourism.

Tourism tech expert Gillian Morris, founder of the flight search app Hitlist, told the outlet, “One reason why it costs so much to innovate and deliver successful experiences in the tourism industry is the fact that companies rarely they know something about you; you don’t go to Kayak or Expedia so companies can learn what you like ”.

“It is difficult to personalize without a clear idea of ​​the tourist, but Google has so much information about one by email, the confirmed flights, that it can provide that magical tourist experience,” said Morris.

So these are some of the Google tools to take into account depending on the medium.

Whatever the consumer searches Google knows, in such a way that what seem like random searches, that is, dream outputs, gives the engine clues as to what the user may be interested in.

That is why now the technology giant is using these searches to save “Possible trips”, folders with information about hotels, restaurants as well as activities in specific destinations.

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Derived from partnerships with sites Phone Number List like Zagat and Infatuation, Google knows a lot about restaurants; from how crowded or noisy they can get to how they cater to certain dietary needs.

Plus, the engine keeps patterning what people like based on the places they’ve visited or searched for. Bloomberg refers that this is where Match Score comes in, which combines all that intelligence to predict the probabilities that you like a site; This tool was presented in May and is currently only for restaurants, but it could be expanded to hotels, among others.

Most of the websites that sell airline tickets prioritize the orientation of the passenger to promotional packages whose prices of flights and hotels are linked.

Given this, Google’s solution; in certain markets, it is a tool that emphasizes tourist packages along with à la carte prices.