Google will penalize websites that contain intrusive banners or pop-ups

We reactivate the blog with a recent news that can negatively affect the organic positioning of your website. Google communicated it in one of its official blogs, if you don’t want surprises, keep reading the article!

Hello again! News on
Before continuing with the post, allow me a brief wedge: If you follow the blog you will have seen a significant drop in publications during the first half of this year, with only 5 articles published. This will change from now on, with a slightly different editorial line, but always around online marketing, e-commerce and technology. You will see 3 news:

New blog theme / design
Very similar to the previous one, but improved and with functional problems (generated by 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那电话号码表 the other theme) solved. I want to thank Albert DE Communist , who has helped me in technical aspects.

Possibility of receiving alerts via “push” notifications from your browser. I encourage you to subscribe to this system.
More Secure, with an SSL security certificate . In this article (from 2014 !!), you will understand why.
With that said, let’s get down to business.

Banners, Pop-Ups, Aggressive or Intrusive Intersitials
When you entered the blog, did a pop-up window appear requesting you to subscribe by email? The same one that achieves a conversion three or four times higher than the rest of the subscription forms?… Yes, the same one.

Well, according to Google, as of January 10, 2017 it is possible that, if I keep this Pop-Up, the positioning of the web in search engines will suffer.

The objective of this action is to improve the navigation and experience of mobile users, since this type of elements displayed on our smartphones make it difficult to navigate on some websites.

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It is a phase II of what Google started a few months ago (read -> Google will penalize websites without mobile adaptation ), and at the time – a year ago – it already warned us. You can check it in this PuroMarketing article.

Reviewing the official communication ( here the Google article ) there is one thing that is not clear to me:

Can we continue to use this type of advertising element on the desktop version of our website?

It may seem like it, but I would not recommend it. We will have to see it. What is your opinion?

Intersitials or Pop-Ups not recommended
As the friends of Google tell it.

Show a pop-up window that covers the main content, either right after the user accesses the web.
Show a separate interstitial or banner that the user has to reject to access the main content.
Use a layout where the top half of the page is similar to a stand-alone banner, with the original 警报消息 content inserted in the bottom half.
Google not recommended pop-up banners

Options or formats that would not penalize
banners if allowed

Acceptance of cookies or age policy
Dialogs for logging into websites with private content, only for registered users
Banners that take up a reasonable space on the screen and can be easily hidden (for example the banner that appears on this blog for subscriptions via browser)
I remind you: As of January 10, 2017, let’s not stress ?

What do you think of Google’s new policy versus these types of elements that help us so much to attract subscribers for our blog or online store?

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6 comments on “Google will penalize websites that contain intrusive banners or pop-up”

September 6, 2016 at 10:00 am
Good Llorenç,

Why wouldn’t you recommend using intrusive pop-ups on the desktop version of the web? That change only applies to mobile versions.

Come on, I didn’t use them because they are a pain in the neck (can you say a pain in the ass here?). But I would like to know your reasons.

All the best!


Llorenç Palomas
September 6, 2016 at 12:47 pm
Hi Gaizka,

It is an issue that I am not clear about, in many cases it can negatively affect the user experience, more bounce, less time spent on the page … worse interaction. Did you read the post from Puro Marketing?
A sure interstitial that I would not recommend, a pop up that requires yes or yes of some action (leave your email or close the window) I am not entirely clear. We will try and see … Thanks for commenting!

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