Grandpa refuses to sit with woman because of her color and Ryanair’s reaction seems wrong

Ryanair is an Irish airline that moves more than 9 million passengers a month in the European market and last year had revenues of 6,647 million euros. In recent months it has been the subject of conversation on social networks Macedonia Phone Number List for various incidents – like most airlines – with its passengers.

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Let us remember the case that occurred at the beginning of the year, in which after a plane from London landed at Malaga International Airport , in southern Spain, one of the passengers despaired and left the ship on his own.

At that time, the criticisms were focused on the impulsiveness of the passenger, but now, they go against the airline’s reaction to the case of an Afro-descendant woman who is a victim of discrimination .

The Phone Number List company has been singled out for failing to expel a grandfather who insulted the 77-year-old woman because she did not want to share the row of seats due to her skin color.

The incident, on a flight from Barcelona to London’s Stansted airport last Friday, was recorded on video and the case immediately went viral.

The daughter of the assaulted woman told The Huffington Post that: “I know that if I or any other black person were behaving like him, they would have called the police and kicked us off the flight.”

However, the airline did not intervene to control the situation, despite Ryanair telling the BBC that it is governed under “strict guidelines” for conflicting passengers.

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That is why the worst part was taken by the company, demonstrating a null notion of how to act in a situation of this type; that is, they do not have a contingency plan against racism.