Guide to segment on Facebook and Instagram Ads correctly

Investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads has become the best visibility and sales strategy for entrepreneurs, online and offline businesses. But what determines the cost of your advertising campaigns ?

First of all, invest with strategy , draw your sales system in which your advertising campaigns become the driver of users, take them from one phase to another. And the second place is precisely the traffic .

Surely you’ve hated a thousand times in advertising and marketing the phrase of giving the 日本电话号码清单 right message to the right person. The same applies to advertising on Facebook and Instagram Ads.

If you feel that the users who see your ads are not your ideal client, you will know why there is no conversion and on top of that, every day you lose a few euros.

Don’t worry, you are in the right place. I have been investing in Facebook and Instagram Ads for five years with great results for my clients and students and if there is something we have focused on, it is segmentation.

Investing in #FacebookAds without segmenting correctly, will lead you to lose time and money?CLICK TO TWEET
In this article I am going to teach you step by step how to segment on Facebook and Instagram Ads correctly , stopping wasting your time, money and your resources.

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What is segmentation on Facebook and Instagram Ads?
Disadvantages of not segmenting on Facebook correctly
Types of targeting on Facebook and Instagram Ads
Traffic temperature
Levels of consciousness
How to segment on Facebook and Instagram Ads correctly
Geographical segmentation
Demographic segmentation by age and sex
Interest targeting
Segmentation on Facebook and Instagram Ads by behavior
Demographic data targeting
Segmentation by connection
Similar audience targeting
Custom audience
Hearing of special announcements
Retargeting audiences
Tricks to rank on Facebook in an advanced way

  1. Limitations and exclusions of audiences
  2. Create audiences saved by categories
  3. Metrics to improve your segmentation
  4. Define, segment and test different audiences
    What is segmentation on Facebook and Instagram Ads?
    Both social networks have more than 3,271 million active users every month. A figure that continues to grow, hence the figure of the digital trafficker or buyer media is on the rise.
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Do you really think that your ideal client is not there? I assure you yes.

Unlike the more classic advertising, Facebook and Instagram Ads are considered non-intrusive advertising.
That is, through behavior 警报消息 in the digital field, Facebook is able to determine what interests that user so that we can later show them the appropriate advertisement.

Thinking that all users are interested in your product or services is a mistake that leads us to lose money. In the same way, your budget also determines the number of people who reach your ads.

Think about it, if you invest € 1,000 a day, I will reach more people than if we invest € 10 a day. It is therefore that of all the active users on both social networks, only a small number will be reached by your ads.

Maybe your ideal client are several avatars and not just one . With different interests, behaviors and consumption habits.

For example, my Facebook and Instagram Ads course is aimed at both entrepreneurs and professionals who work in agencies. Don’t you think the needs and pain points are different? I assure you yes.

You could badly go for a single very general targeting and deliver the same message to both audiences.

Or create different audience segments according to both avatars and show each one the appropriate message according to their knowledge of their problem and the solutions they want.

Don’t you think it makes more sense to opt for the second option? That’s how it is.

Disadvantages of not segmenting on Facebook correctly
The first mistake that is made when we are planning an advertising campaign on social networks , and specifically on Facebook and Instagram, is to carry out a very broad or general segmentation to reach more people.
In both situations the result is always the same and they are campaigns that do not convert.

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If the segmentation is very wide, you run the risk of killing flies with cannon shots, that is, even if the audience has some relationship with our business, product or services, there is no real interest in buying.

Segmenting on Facebook and Instagram Ads correctly will allow you to:
Convert more, investing less avoiding wasting your resources
Ads with a high percentage of interaction and action and therefore your campaigns will have a superior performance
A higher quality rating (previously relevance score)
Winning sales strategies being able to create conversion funnels adapted to each segmentation and taking them to the final sales phase

Types of targeting on Facebook and Instagram Ads
There are multiple ways to segment correctly on Facebook and Instagram, all of them define the way and way in which we are going to impact the user.

The types of segmentation are summarized in ten large groups :

But to segment successfully you must first:

Define your ideal client correctly and thoroughly
Differentiate traffic temperature levels
Identify the level of consciousness of your avatar
Defining your ideal client is essential so that you can subsequently carry out segmentation in the advertising platform.

Create a template and start defining basic data such as age, gender, place of residence, what your job is, your marital status, what you do in your free time, where you shop and any details of your day-to-day life.

And go a step further, define what your dreams are, what you want to achieve, what is blocking you and what your fears are.

All this will help you to know it and also take it into account when creating the persuasive text of your ad. Good copy also has a great capacity for segmentation.

Traffic temperature
The temperature traffic is the way in which we categorize and differentiate users that we hit with our ads.

It is divided into three levels:

Cold Traffic
Temperate Traffic
Hot traffic
Identifying what level our client is at allows us to understand their needs and create advertising campaigns on the internet, impacting the right audience.

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Cold Traffic
Cold traffic is made up of people who do not know us , have never heard of our business, do not know who we are or what we offer.

Managing this traffic is the most complex since they are the least susceptible users to sale.

We can impact these users by creating the following audiences:

Facebook and Instagram audiences segmented by interests
Facebook and Instagram audiences targeted by demographics
Facebook and Instagram audiences segmented by behavior
Facebook audiences by connection
Similar audiences or lookalike
When we create these segmentations on Facebook we speak of cold traffic and therefore we must work with content and value ads and not sales .

Mild traffic
It is the known public, that is, it is made up of people who know us, have heard about us, have visited our website or even someone they trust has spoken positively about us.

When we talk about segmentation on Facebook and Instagram Ads, it would be made up of the following audiences:

Personalized audiences (including people who have visited our website, are our subscribers, have interacted with our application, with Facebook or Instagram or with a video)
Facebook audiences by connection: our fans
The list of custom audiences is even longer, but don’t worry, we’ll see it in detail later.

Hot traffic
Hot traffic is what I call the super, because they are already our buyers . They know who we are, what we offer and how we can help them.

We have forged a relationship with them and they have even taken the plunge.

I define the ideal client as my buyer and the audiences that we can create on Facebook and Instagram Ads are:

Public who are buyers
Audiences who have left the cart abandoned with the product
Those warm and hot audiences that have not yet taken the step to buy can be recovered by carrying out re marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram Ads .

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