Guillermo del Toro will make his own version of Pinocchio for Netflix

Netflix today revealed that Guillermo Del Toro will debut as director of the classic Pinocchio, bringing it to the stop motion music format on the video-on-demand platform. The new version of the classic children’s story by Carlo Collodi, will move away from the Disney version Malta Phone Number List and the filmmaker will move it to the 30s. In the press release issued by the platform, it can be seen that Del Toro expresses a particular connection with this classic.

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“No art form has influenced my life and work as much as animation, and I have not had such a deep personal connection with Phone Number List any character in history as with Pinocchio. In our story, he is an innocent soul with an indifferent father who is lost in a world he cannot understand. He embarks on an extraordinary journey after which he will understand more deeply his father and the real world. I’ve wanted to make this movie all my life, ”he explained.

In addition to this new version of Pinocchio and working together on Trollhunters, the Mexican and the platform are preparing 10 After Midnight. Del Toro has managed to be a reference within animation with recent works such as “Trollhunters” within the platform and the commitment to animated characters seems to continue to bear fruit.

This movement is outstanding especially if one considers that Netflix allocates a budget between 7.5 and 8 billion dollars in original productions to have around 700 own content at the end of this year.

The guarantee of having a recognized filmmaker like Del Toro is a smart bet of the platform, coupled with the fact that Pinocchio is a story with enormous engagement among viewers. In addition, with these productions and Roma by Alfonso Cuarón, only Alejandro González Iñárritu is missing to bring together the three most important Mexican directors.

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