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Therefore, okinawan people’s perception of the japanese mainland and passed down from generation to generation is the same as the japanese mainland’s perception of “okinawa is not monolithic”. American world and yamato japan, as the late seimei junji (the third-generation governor of okinawa prefecture, member of the house of representatives) said, “i want to be yamato (japanese), but i can’t be okinawa.” and the generation with the memory of “yamatoyo”, the generation after returning to japan, such complex emotions seem to gradually subside. Okinawa began in the ryukyu kingdom. After the invasion of the satsuma clan and the “yamato world” when ryukyu was  of, at the end of the pacific war, japan’s only ground war, during the american

Occupation period after the okinawa war in which more than 200,000 people died, and returned to 1972 after the japanese mainland, the “yamatoyo” that reappeared and so on have experienced earth-shaking historical changes. even for the younger generation, the situation is Morocco Phone Number more complicated than other prefectures. Those who have been working since high school, those who left okinawa for higher education, those who do not have a job, and those who intend to attend university in taiwan due to the short distance and low cost of living are increasing.

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elementary school (elementary): computer science level 1 (cs1) is set to inspire interest and is suitable for children (7-8 years old) who are just learning computers. The content includes: basic grammar knowledge of python and javascript, such as strings, variables, parameters and concepts such as loops. Drawing on the project- learning system (pbl project base learning) in the united states, each learning stage is  with thematic development tasks. Students can make their own games and web pages—game development 1 (gd1) and web development 1 (wd1) )

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