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Indicates citations Easy to use All citation styles available Cons: Not very comprehensive Limiting results by discipline is not possible 5. Yahoo Search Yahoo held a market share of 1.8% worldwide. This search engine contains many features such as shopping center, news aggregator, email service, travel directory, games center, horoscope, a lot more. It is the best site for internet beginners. From Yahoo, it is possible to do a lot more than just surfing the net for information. Pros: Trending topics news in the home screen One-stop for weather, horoscope, email, horoscope Can search verticals instead of web Cons.

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No date for search results The home screen has large ads Ads are not label clearly as ads 6. The Internet Archive Search The Internet Archive Search is the best search engine for archiv content. If you are a long-time web lover looking for search engines for research, then this might be the right engine for you. For many years, the archive an extensive collection Conduit CN Phone Number of photos of the World Wide Web. This helps you to go back in time to see what the internet look like in the 90s, or what the news was like around Hurricane Katrina in. Pros: Can search text, archiv news Advanc search available Cons: Too much archiv content could be overwhelming Advanc search nes a learning curve.

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Ask has a market share of worldwide. Initially known as Ask Jeeves, Ask is worth mentioning in the list of best search engine other than Google. This is because it works on the basis of question-answer format for easy reading of content online. This Aleart News implies that most of the questions you ask were already ask by other users the answer provid. Pros: Easy to use features Dazzling layout Cons: Not all answers are accurate 8. AOL AOL has a market share of. It is interesting that even after existing for so long as a lesser-known search engine, AOL is still featur in the list of ten best search engines. With a market share of you can do amazing things with this search engine. 

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