Highly Targeted Email Marketing That Works – A Case Study

It’s hard to get posted, via many estimates less than 1% of would be authors ever receive a proposal from a good writer. Of direction it’s miles less complicated to get published when you have a literary agent representing you than if you technique publishers without delay. Landing an agent is an impressive mission, even though for plenty authors, literary dealers offer the most viable direction to “traditionally” publish a e-book.

Finding and signing with a literary agent seemed no unique to me than locating and final a b2c email list providers prospect for any product, carrier or solution. To get commenced, I commenced with handful of Google searches, which resulted in lots of websites list literary marketers. Next, I downloaded approximately 1,200 marketers from numerous of those on-line resources into an Excel record. Agents are outwardly going through, which means they offer several methods for could be authors to touch then.

Many marketers listing their emails for e-book question submissions (a quick letter or email to whet the interest of a prospective agent). Of the 1,200 agents downloaded, four hundred which did not accept e mail solicitations had been culled, slicing my list to approximately 800. My listing became then culled in addition to only100 retailers who have been interested in commercial enterprise books, non-fiction and prescriptive books (maximum marketers listed the kinds of books they commonly posted). And ultimately, a hundred emails had been sent to these dealers, with a succinct message about the e-book and creator heritage.

Here are the effects of the particularly targeted e mail campaigns to the one hundred literary sellers:

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one hundred Sent
nine Interested
32 Not involved
fifty nine No reaction
Within a month of the preliminary emailing, nine% of the centered marketers expressed hobby, 32% were no longer fascinated and there was no response from 59% of the marketers. Normally it is an awesome idea to follow-up an emailing like this with a phone name, however maximum literary marketers opt for no cellphone calls, many stating so on their net website online. Of the 9 sellers who expressed hobby within the e book query, four of them requested for a complete notion (a suggestion usually has a biography, advertising section, competition phase, bankruptcy define and sample chapters). Another 4 agents asked for a published thought and mail it to them, and one requested if they may right now contact publishers approximately the subject to decide if they had hobby.

The digital e-book proposal became sent to all four sellers who asked it through email attachment, and inside a few days, an agent turned into signed. It took much less than 4 weeks from the time the literary agent electronic mail listing turned into to start with focused, to sign a outstanding agent.

Although there are additional nuances concerned with successful modern-day electronic mail marketing fine practices, the fundamentals used for this seven year antique campaign are very similar to that which may be used for successful virtual marketing and lead technology today.

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