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The Live Stories you post on Instagram will be automatically sav in the Stories Archive section. But for this you ne to enable the function. It’s in the app’s settings. How to automatically archive stories Open your profile and go to settings gear icon on iPhone, three dashes at the top and right on Android Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section Select the  tab or History Management Next to the Save to archive command, turn the switch to the active position. How to add a photo to the Instagram archive to save the post However.

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Please note that a story will only be archiv if it is on your Page within thewith the Commenter service. Direct user comments. Up to comments per day. The first comments are free. Go. Select the profile type Business or Author . Click next. Instagram will offer to check add contact information mail, phone number, address. You can leave these France Phone Number List fields blank. Check the contactand Communication category with , subscribers and a monthly income of , rubles was sold for , rubles. A community in the Recreation and food category with , members, with an income of , rubles per month, costs only , rubles. The resource offers the buyer a simple interface with a convenient bulletin board to search for the necessary requirements Object, Promotion method, Number of subscribers, Cost.

France Phone Number List

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Service Insta Line What prices are offer for popular resources The theme Fashion and Beauty , which has , subscribers, costs , rubles. Profile Option Third Party Stories Sharing Software It happens that for various reasons the repost function is not support by the application. This happens more often if it is outdat and not updat to a newer version. But Aleart News this problem is solvable. There are several apps that are made for reposting on Instagram outside of it that come to the rescue. There are many such applications in online stores, everyone chooses which one to use to their liking. But the principle of their work is the same. For more clarity, let’s take a look at the Repost Photo & Video app for Instagram download from the Play.

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