How do you score in Google Local

Since the introduction of the ‘Knowledgegraph’ (knowledge maps) and the ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm update from Google in October, search results have been expanded with additional information. In this article I give 23 tips to score locally in Google: everything you always wanted to know to score and stay high in Google local.

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Google+ search results for local results will also show at least a Google map and some already have a knowledgegraph carousel . Local search results are increasingly prominently displayed by Google. This has three causes:

  1. The Google Venice update
  2. The Google carousel update
  3. And mobile search

In this ‘how to’ I tell you how you can score with your company in the local search results with your restaurant, hotel, employment agency or retail chain. I’m not going to tell you exactly how to create a local Google + page. There are good Google help pages for that.

Google Venice update

Since the ‘Venice’ update in February 2012, Google also shows Google Maps results for locally oriented keywords without geo-add. Before the ‘Venice’ update, only the following search terms had integrated Google Maps in the search result: ‘Shoe shop Haarlem’, ‘Kinderopvang VP Security Email Lists Groningen’ and ‘Plumber de Pijp Amsterdam’.

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After the ‘Venice’ update, searchers for local services or products were also shown a Google Maps for search terms such as ‘Shoe shop’, ‘Childcare’ and ‘Plumber’. looks out grab him Assen or Lutjebroek or Manhattan, New York (yes, that’s also possible).

Searching from Hoorn on the keyword ‘childcare’ returns local results in Hoorn.

Set city

If you click on ‘Search tools’ in a search result, you will see a place name as the fourth option. In this case it is Den Hoorn. Click on the city name and you can change your default search location in the pull down to another city, region, region or zip code.

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