How does your company measure the result of

Not everything should or needs to be measured. It is necessary to define. According to the company’s digital marketing strategic planning . Which metrics are most relevant and aligned with the business objectives. Those that make a difference in results are transformed into kpis. Which are key performance indicators. The most used are: conversion rates (in sales, Subscriptions, Downloads, Registrations,Etc); roi (return on investment); cac (customer acquisition cost); cal (lead acquisition cost); impressions and page views; dwell time and bounce rate (bounce rate); there are also several others. Some are not so important. They are the well-known “vanity metrics”. Like likes and views, For example, Despite this, They serve as auxiliaries to achieve the other goals and can also be evaluated.

To Perform the Calculation

But without a doubt the company values much more those metrics related to sales. Generation of opportunities or cost reduction. It’s difficult? Adoptmany companies struggle to visualize these marketing results . Sometimes, Because they do not have a well-defined strategic plan – and therefore. Do not know what their goals are. Others spend energy on very simple analyzes that are not able to reveal Bolivia Phone Number List what is going right or wrong. And still others, For not being able to share the necessary data between the marketing team and the other areas of the company. Marketers need access to data in addition to marketing data to be able to do the math. As we’ll see next, Many managers in the area ignore the immense potential of measurement in digital marketing.

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It Is Necessary to Add Up All Sales

It is important to remember that when used well. Digital marketing metrics can be a gold mine! They show where the company is going wrong. Point to new directions and reveal valuable opportunities. Learn a little more about the most important of them: roi calculation the Aleart News roi calculation is one of the most important metrics. If not the most, To measure the results of a company. Roi is the return on investment or. In portuguese, Return on investment. Roi is not a metric unique to digital marketing. It can – and should – be used to calculate the result of any investment made. Whether in the online environment or not. From the roi, It is possible to know how much revenue a particular campaign resulted in for the company. Thus, You can define the company’s sources of profit. The most effective communication.