How much does a digital trafficker earn? Salary + Tips

This may be one of the most frequently asked questions in the Google search engine about the profession of digital trafficker.

Interest in the profession of web traffic expert has increased both from businesses, who have realized that 阿塞拜疆电话号码列表 it is a necessary professional, and from new generations, who consider it as an option to professionalize . And the question that immediately comes to mind is, how much does a digital trafficker earn?

Throughout this post we are going to try to answer this question, whose short answer, like almost everything related to marketing is: it depends.


  1. What is the salary of a digital trafficker
    Trafficker services
    Training, talks and presentations
    How much does a freelance or employed digital trafficker earn?
    How can I get paid as a digital trafficker offering services?
  2. What is the salary of a digital trafficker
    Before delving into the question of the salary of the trafficker, we are going to specify what are the functions of a digital trafficker.

He is a professional with knowledge of digital advertising. And the good thing about all this is that with this knowledge we can open several ways of income , that is, we can put our eggs in different baskets, so that if at some point, one of them loses, we always have the other two.

How much does a digital trafficker earn? Salary + Tips

So, what income is the salary of a digital trafficker made of?

Trafficker services
You can manage the digital advertising of companies. You must know like the back of your hand the advertising platforms on social networks such as Facebook Ads , as well as Google Ads to launch, manage, evaluate and optimize advertising campaigns.

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Within this source you can also offer audits of advertising accounts , in which as an expert in digital traffic you make a report on a certain account, both for local businesses and other types of companies about your strategy in Google Ads and social networks.

If digital traffickers have specific knowledge about copy or graphic design for advertising campaigns, they can also offer this service separately that can complement the salary. It’s less time consuming than a full digital ad management service.

Positioning a trafficker as an expert in the field also allows them to offer advisory services to analyze how companies are implementing online advertising strategies and what improvements can be made. These changes may be related to strategy, copy, segmentation.

And the question that arises is: How can I charge for this service? It is usually charged by the 警报消息 hour and your price will depend on your knowledge and the supply and demand of the market.

Training, talks and presentations
If you consider that your level of knowledge is sufficient to train future generations of traffickers, you can open this other leg in your business. On the one hand we have online training.

They are a scalable source of income , with which by implementing a suitable sales funnel you can obtain income on a recurring basis. On the other hand, face-to-face training, talks and presentations, in addition to earning you income, generate something important for you: reputation and brand image. As an example, here you can see the online conference on Digital Marketing in which I have participated.

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How much does a freelance or employed digital trafficker earn?
Like many digital professions, digital traffickers can practice as freelancers , offering all the services that we have talked about to various companies, or developing their work for a specific company .

The types of business that currently demand an expert in online traffic cover all sectors . We are immersed in a shift towards digital advertising, since the average time of Internet consumption by users increases progressively and businesses must be where their audience is.

If you decide to work as a freelancer or on your own, you will have all the advantages and disadvantages of a freelance worker .

You decide with the clients you want to work with: Regarding the number and regarding the business sector. Take into account the time it takes for each task and make sure that you can give everyone a quality service.
You decide your rates : Find out how the price is in the market and what is your level of knowledge regarding the competition.
Work on your personal brand and focus on what makes you unique. That is what will win the hearts of your customers.
However, if you choose to provide your services to a company, you will have the security of having a fixed salary , but your freedoms will be reduced, since you will have to be accountable to a superior. They are not all disadvantages, since by relating to a work team, you will be able to exchange ideas and the work ecosystem will be very rich.

How can I get paid as a digital trafficker offering services?
There are different ways to price your freelance services. For them you should always take these factors into account:

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Your work experience . The time you have been in the market has given you wisdom and speed when carrying out your tasks.

Your training and specialization . You have invested time and money in it, it is time to make it profitable.

The complexity of the commissioned service. The more complexity, the more time invested and the more the price of the service you provide rises.

The prices of the competition. You have to be reasonable so that the potential client does not go with your competitors.

Your specific experience in the task entrusted . The more specific the knowledge you have, the more you can charge for that service.

The time you will invest in work. The day only has 24 hours, you have to assess well how you invest the hours you dedicate to work.

The type of customer (whether it is a large company or a local business). You cannot charge the same to a multinational as to local businesses. Keep in mind that although the latter may pay you less, they may refer you to other recommended clients.

The deadlines . You have to keep them in mind to organize the time that we can dedicate to each task and therefore the amount of work that we can accept.

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