How much does Facebook and Instagram advertising cost?

If you ask me how much it costs to advertise on Facebook and Instagram , I’ll tell you… it depends.

Really, Ana?

Yes, because when we talk about the price of ads on Social Networks there is no single answer or a single determining factor.

Or do you think that launching an advertising campaign in the middle of Black Friday is the 马来西亚电话号码表 same as doing it just a week later?The answer is no.Also, you should bear in mind that the cost of advertising on Facebook Ads varies by country or region.It is not the same in Europe as in Latin America, for example.

Another key aspect when determining the cost of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is our level of knowledge and mastery of the tool.

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Nor is it the same, launching yourself without having prior knowledge than hiring a Digital Trafficker with consolidated experience and who knows perfectly how the advertising algorithm works.

I assure you that the results will be very different.

As you can see, the value of an ad depends on several parameters , but there is something that I can assure you:

You can always set and limit the cost according to your goals and, therefore, you can always decide how much you want to invest .
Now that you know that the price of advertising on Facebook and Instagram fluctuates depending on various factors, I will help you know what they are and how to keep them under control so that your campaigns are as profitable as possible.

In addition, I am going to share with you a very useful calculator so that you can discover how much your ad is going to cost you. Sounds good huh? We started!

How much does an ad on Facebook and Instagram cost?
Ad prices on Facebook and Instagram Ads: Factors that determine it
➡️ 1. The sales strategy
➡️2. The public or audience
➡️3. Advertisements
➡️4. Temporality
➡️5. Ad location
➡️6. The bidding strategy
➡️7. Professional experience
➡️8. The advertising objective
➡️9. The geographical location
➡️10. The sector
Calculator to budget the cost of your advertising on Facebook and Instagram
Are you more 警报消息 clear about how much advertising costs on Facebook Ads?
How much does an ad on Facebook and Instagram cost?
Before you start, stick with a premise not based on cost but on profit.

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Your goal is that your ads are profitable according to your strategy and cost of the product or service of sale.

It is not the same price per result if your objective is to attract potential clients than if your objective is the sale.

The ROAS or Return on Advertising Investment, is a metric that indicates the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns . Therefore, you must be positive and work towards a higher number.

Therefore, the higher the ROAS, the higher the results. But if you really want to know how much advertising costs on Facebook and Instagram Ads, you should know how the platform works.

Facebook Ads is based on a virtual ad auction system:

When is the auction triggered? When the person meets the requirements.
What ads are showing? The one with the highest value.
What is the highest value? The combination of three factors, not the biggest budget.
If the success of Facebook Ads were based on the budget invested by the advertiser, only those who invested a large amount of money would get results.

Therefore, the highest value is the combination of:

The push
Percentage of estimated shares
Ad Quality and Relevance
These factors directly influence the auction and the way our ads are displayed.

But to this we add one more element, which you will read very little about, because there are really very few experts who know it: the advertising algorithm.

The algorithm is a combination of calculations that Facebook uses to decide which ads to show and therefore decides what the user sees, from which advertiser and when it appears.

It is therefore that the algorithm indirectly influences, but at the same time very closely, the price of advertising.

And in order of relevance, the three factors that determine the algorithm to a greater extent are:

User experience
The profitability and income of our ads
In this post I am going to tell you in detail the factors that influence the price of Facebook and Instagram ads, so that you value them and play with them in your favor when you invest.

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Ad prices on Facebook and Instagram Ads: Factors that determine it
As I have already told you, Facebook and Instagram Ads is a system as complex as it is simple.

Your best asset will be to know in detail how the advertising platform works and all the tools it makes available to the advertiser.

I could tell you that the average CPC is € 0.05, but if the advertising objective is interaction, do you think this cost is relevant to you?

I assure you not.

You will be interested to know what the average cost per interaction is, which is the result for which you are bidding.

Only by considering all the elements, we can assess how much your ad is going to cost.

And the most important and influential factors in the cost of advertising on Facebook Ad are:

The sales strategy
The public or audience
Ads and their relevance
The temporality of the campaigns
The ad location
The bidding strategy
Professional experience
The advertising objective
Geographic location

➡️ 1. The sales strategy
Imagine your goal when d and create an ad or campaign Social Networking is to sell your new product or service to a user who is looking for videos browsing and interaction, but does not intend to buy.

The first step would be to get their attention.

For this you need your ad to impact in such a way that at that very moment the user you are targeting feels the need to click on your ad, go to your sales page and it conquers them enough to buy.

In these situations, if you sell a low-cost product, less than € 97 , you have a greater chance that the user will react to your ad and end up becoming a customer.

Now, if the price of your product reaches four figures, it is unlikely that cold traffic, who does not know you, does not know what you do or how you help, buy reactively.

In these cases, it is necessary to create a funnel, through which we nurture that lead to advance through the sales funnel , including other complementary strategies such as e-mail Marketing, for example.

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The cost per sale of your ads will be lower if, in addition to the advertising impacts, the user receives emails in which we solve their doubts, share success stories and create a real urgency.

Even if your strategy, include a live question and answer session. The potential customer will become a customer sooner.


Because with fewer advertising impacts, thanks to the global strategy, we will take it to action sooner, and therefore the CPA or Cost per Acquisition of our Facebook and Instagram Ads will be lower.

Remember that if your goal is to impact or attract the attention of your potential customers on Social Networks, it is essential to know your audience and create a powerful segmentation strategy .

➡️2. The public or audience
I have already dropped it to you in the previous point: knowing your potential client by heart is the key to making the most of your ad , not only on Facebook or Instagram, but in any other Social Network.

To know your audience, you need a strategy .

Without it, your advertising will be ineffective because you will not be reaching your ideal customer profile.

It will be as if you were shooting into the air, without a fixed target.

This way you will only get to waste your money. You will end up thinking that digital advertising does not work and that Facebook and Instagram are not made for you.

And I already tell you that this conclusion is false.

Facebook has more than 2.4 billion users in the world according to the We Are Social report . Instagram has more than 1 billion.

To reach your ideal client, I recommend you make an empathy map , it is a tool that allows us to find out and understand the wishes or needs of our potential clients through a series of questions.

Only by knowing your ideal client in detail will you be able to create the appropriate targeting in the ad manager.

Don’t rely solely on age, gender, or location to determine the price of your ads. Beginner’s mistake!

Although obviously you must know it in detail. If your clients are 90% women and only 10% men, do not hesitate to select only women.

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