How much does the consumer plan to spend on Good End 2018?

Since the first edition of Buen Fin (in 2011), consumer spending at this commercial event has shown a certain growth. However, despite increasing participation, thinking about what to spend has become increasingly important to people. Spending on the Good End: Figures that demonstrate its impact Australia Phone Number List The most drastic change occurred in the 2013 edition, where spending exceeded 17.1 billion pesos, compared to the previous edition.

How To Make A Basic Personal Budget And Stick To It
Until now and with seven editions carried out, the plans to spend by consumers have left an economic spill of more than 400 billion pesos.

In 2017, there was an expense of more than 94 billion pesos, 6 billion below the goal set (100 billion pesos). It is estimated that this eighth edition will be able to overcome that barrier, even that it may go 2.4 percent higher than estimated.

The previous point can be confirmed because Concanaco participates with the 255 Chambers throughout the country, to which 725 thousand companies are allied with a presence in 900 cities in Mexico. And being an inclusive program, it is not only for department stores, more than 100,000 establishments participate.

From then on, one of the strategies that the consumer follows is to perform an analysis. Especially to know where you can find the best promotions.

Consumption tactics in El Buen Fin?
In fact, according to a Deloitte study, checking advertised promotions and offers is very important.

The survey they conducted indicates that 97 percent of people agreed that they had a real promotion, when buying or acquiring products and services. Only 6 percent of respondents acknowledged that there were no savings or discounts on their purchases.

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In addition, they also indicate a difference over other types of actions alluding to mass consumption. Nightly or cheap annual sales in retail are comparable in 52 percent of cases, but 34 percent of users consider the Good End somewhat better.

Being a program of generalized discounts to the consumer, the commercial objective is to boost the economy, encouraging consumption. Hence, it is taken into account with a similar perspective for more than half of the people who participate.

Spend on the Good End 2018 : Additional Information
In the eighth edition of El Buen Fin 2018, there will be four days of consumption, a period that includes the non-business day corresponding to the commemoration of November 20 (Mexican Revolution) in the country.

For the user to decide to spend, given one of the participating companies they will make known to the public the promotions they will be offering. In this edition, digital channels are expected to have greater participation.

Directly through their web Phone Number List portals or on social networks, to direct them to their establishments.

Distribution and strategy
The participations in this year have a defined strategy. According to our study of Consumer Habit on Good End 2018, at least 47.1 percent of people plan to spend between 1,000 and 3,000 pesos.

This range is the one that includes the largest number of participants, and the smallest, with an average expenditure of more than 20 thousand pesos, with 3.5 percent. In addition, it is expected that 21.6 percent of people spend between 3,500 and 6,000 pesos.

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Finally, the top 3 of expenses in this commercial event would have an estimated range between 6,500 and 11,000 pesos, by consumers. Almost all of the participants expect to have an offer, promotion or discount during El Buen Fin. This group represents 97 percent of consumers.

As long as the advertised offers and promotions are respected, the tactics and functionality of this type of commercial initiative should remain valid in the long term. This, because it is strengthening the trust of consumers with the brands they buy from.

Above all, thinking that the promotion of consumption and the lack of awareness about spending unconsciously, have been the main criticisms around El Buen Fin. The truth is that after eight years, changes in habits of the consumers. Now, do your research before you buy.

69 percent of people wait to compare prices before buying products and services. And at least 57 percent of them were careful to research the Internet before making purchases.

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