How the Facebook News Feed Works and 5 Ways to Use It in Your Social Strategy

Facebook marketing is not what it to be. In recent years, Facebook has in the footsteps of Google, making changes to the algorithm that seriously affect your brand’s visibility on the platform. Their latest update has had a huge impact on whether and how marketers can be seen in their audience’s news feeds. But all is not lost. There are certain strategies that you can use to fight the algorithm and gain visibility, creating a more effective social strategy in the process. Read on for 5 ways to use Facebook News Feed for Marketing.

Focus on Interest, Not Clicks

Focus on interest, not clicks facebook’s new algorithm changes. Now prioritize content that users actively search for rather than content. They discover through passive exposure. While effective marketers always create content South Korea Phone Number List with their audience. Now you need to put even more effort into creating content that appeals to their specific interests. Instead of focusing on creating posts and ads to get clicks to your site. You should be telling stories that entertain. Intrigue and engage your audience right on facebook. If you need inspiration on how to do this, just check out the Facebook New York Times Content Strategy.

Create a Facebook Group

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Here is an example of one of their posts: The New York Times doesn’t waste a Facebook post about mundane news. This post, and others they decide to promote on Facebook, cover important topics that their target audience is Aleart News interest in. They also make it easier for users to participate on the platform by including excerpts to encourage discussion. If you’re only optimizing your posts for clicks, it won’t be easy to get to the new Facebook News Feed. 2. Create a Facebook group The Facebook algorithm is now on helping people build and maintain relationships with people who share similar interests and backgrounds.

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