How to add a document for free download

There are many times when it makes sense to post a downloadable document on the blog. A checklist, a tutorial or any other document, in various formats (pdf, word, excel, etc.) are a great attraction for potential customers, especially if they are related to the products you have to sell. The big question is: how to add a document for download on the website? If you have a wordpress site, it’s quite simple because you can do it directly within the platform. If you have a website on another platform, then you will need to use an external tool. Create the document for download use your imagination and produce something that is really useful to your target audience, material that creates desire and that drives them to download.

Create the document for download

Don’t forget to customize the document with your brand’s logo as well as the link to the website and social networks. Save the document in the appropriate file type if it’s for printing, the most appropriate is a pdf document. That way, it won’t be misconfigured at the time of printing, nor will readers be able to make edits. The pdf format is also useful Peru Phone Number List to prevent them from replicating your file or making changes to it. But you will be able to save in other types of formats, such as excel, when you are sharing a planning file or anything that the person has to fill directly in the file. Upload the document to your website wordpress if you have wordpress, in the control panel, you should go to multimedia add file.

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Upload the document to your website

Then select the desired file using the button located in the center of the “select files” screen. When the file loads, the edit option will appear. You must click there, so that you enter a new page with all the information of the file you just uploaded. WordPress copy the file link from the box Aleart News on your right. Now, paste the link in a new tab of your browser to confirm that the file is opening correctly. If it is a pdf, the file will open directly in the browser. If it is another format, such as word or excel, the automatic download will start. Excel and word formats are not allowed directly in wordpress, but you can create a file with that document inside and upload the zip to your platform in exactly the same way.