How to analyze your competition? Practical Guide

Hello again! In this article you will find the way to analyze the traffic and positioning of your competition’s websites. Does your main competitor have a lot of visits? How do they do it? What can I do to capture some of your traffic? Will they be advertising on Google ?

You will be able to obtain all this information and more thanks to the content of this article and one of the best digital marketing tools of the moment, offering you 15 days of totally free trial so that you can put into practice what I am going to tell you in this post. Its possibilities will surprise you … Let’s get to it!

analyze competition

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Interested in knowing the visits and traffic of your competitor’s websites?
By the way, how about the holidays? Have you been able to rest? I hope so, and you have taken 贝宁电话号码列表 the necessary strength to fight your competition and face a year-end full of sales and good news. I cannot complain, almost a month totally disconnected charging me with energy for a new year’s eve!

What we were going to… I will base the content and advice of this new publication with one of the tools that I am most in love with: SEMRUSH . At the time I already published a tutorial (which I must update and I will do so during the month of October) but this time it is a more practical, short and simple publication , with the aim that you see the potential of the tool and its once you help to get better performance .

I’m also sooooo happy to be able to offer you, thanks to an agreement with SEMRUSH , a totally free 15-day trial so that you can tinker and test the tool with the depth you require. One month of use of this version of SemRush is valued at € 120! And I assure you it is worth it. At the end of the article you can access the discount code .

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8 Ways to Get Results and Analyze Your Competition with Semrush
It is very easy to obtain the information that I will explain to you from the tool, there are much more advanced features, some can be found in this tutorial (the latest updates are not there) but with what I will tell you, you will be able to extract very useful information from your own or website or those of your competition.

  1. Discover the keywords for which your competition is ranking
    Well that. Do you want to see the keywords for which a domain is positioned at the top of Google? As simple as entering the web address in the tool . You can do it right here:

We enter the web address and, in the side menu, select “Organic Research” , it will show us the natural positioning of the web in Google results . An example from the Sport newspaper (by the way, let’s not talk about football this year):

keywords semrush

In the previous guide you will see what each column means , references to the monthly search volume of each keyword in Google Spain and other aspects that are more than interesting.

The Keyword that generates more organic traffic to is “Sport” and also “Diario Sport” but it has a huge amount of “ long tail ” keywords that generates hundreds of thousands of visits every month.

For example, for “Rakuten” they appear in position 2, and with a monthly average of 110,000 searches it generates quite a few visits … this has given me an idea to generate more traffic on my blog, although they would not be especially interesting visits either,

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Before the Tauten / FCB Boom for “Tauten” my blog was positioned in the top 10 of Google, today in 警报消息 position ninety-something… it was one of the first portals in our country that published information about the Japanese giant.

Surely if I expand the content of the post it could attract more traffic from a search that has grown exponentially. The news of Sport and other media of the style “will give me very good ideas” to expand on the article and position myself better. ?An example of the infinite ideas that the tool can arouse.

  1. Who are your competitors? Tips to know your competition
    Don’t tell me you have no competitors huh … not a good answer! The solution informs you of the websites with which you are struggling to appear in the top positions of Google , you must enter your domain in the main box and go to Organic Research → Competitors

Here is a snapshot of the blessed and brave competitors of the almighty Amazon :

Semrush 2 competition analysis

  1. Which page is receiving the most traffic from Google (and of course, how to “steal” part of their visits)
    On the website, what content is generating the most traffic? This information is very useful … because if you improve the content published by your competition (by length and quality) you will be able to bring part of this traffic to your website . But don’t think it’s easy … size matters here .

An example of La Vanguardia, sure will not leave you indifferent:

Most viewed pages of a SemRush website

The searches that are generating the most organic traffic to this newspaper are those related to television programming and lottery draws. Could you have imagined it?

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And most surprising of all: If you visit the TV grid (second URL that generates the most traffic according to SEMRUSH ), can you believe that it has no advertising? Possibly the only page in your newspaper without it, surreal: S

  1. What keywords are your competitors paying for in Google Adwords?
    Other information more than relevant. Let’s see what keywords Worten invests in in its Google Adwords campaigns :

We can see the words that cause the publication of search ads on Google , ordered by those that generate more traffic, more or less.

Worten in first position (brand announcement) and then we can see others such as Iphone, BQ and Kindle.

competitor adwords keyword research

  1. How are the text ads of my competition in Adwords?
    If now in the side menu of SemRush we select Ad texts we will be able to see the ads that are published as well as the related keywords. Fantastic right?

screenshots of search ads in Adwords

The solution also provides us with information on advertising in Shopping and display .

  1. Spy on the links to your competitors’ websites
    Semrush has a tool to analyze the links or backlinks that point to a website.

What can you do with this information?

Try to copy or improve your link building strategy , it will surely give you ideas
Be informed of news or press releases published about your competition
Get opinions or comments from customers of your rival companies on websites or forums
Competitor backlinks analysis

  1. Of the different competitors, who has the most visibility?
    The online marketing tool allows us to compare data (always related to search engine positioning) between different domains .

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