How to Arm Yourself with Data

Because I am engaged in the big data industry, I have also talked about some articles on data thinking and digital transformation before. Today, I will talk with you about how to arm myself with data from a more general perspective.

First of all, we must understand Saudi Arabia Mobile Number what data is. In essence, data is a mapping of the real world, a digital representation of entities in a certain way.

This is not difficult to understand, so what is the value of data?

The greatest value is that data is the thinking and tool of human beings from qualitative to quantitative, fuzzy to precise.

Seems a bit abstract.

The importance of data

Come to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number think of it, what is the nature of all the learning and effort that humans do? It’s actually for certainty.

For example, in the era of farming, you need to know which seeds to choose, when and where to sow, and how much fertilizer to pour…

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In the industrial age, what needs to be known is how much raw material produces how much product, how to price, market size, turnover rate…

In the information age, it has become the scale of the industry, the cost of customer acquisition, and the value Saudi Arabia Mobile Number of single-user life cycle output…

It can be seen that, no matter what era, data brings deterministic information to human beings through quantitative methods.

Arm yourself with data

In the era of business, the essence of business is to use information asymmetry to make money. If you master the data, you will take the lead.

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The reason why community group buying is very popular some time ago is very simple, because community group buying has bought the certainty of consumers through the pre-sale model.

Take the credit card industry as an example. I talked about it before. In the future, companies are all service Saudi Arabia Mobile Number companies and need to establish frequent connections with users, especially in the credit card industry.

For example, a user is a credit card user of Bank A and Bank B at the same time. But the user uses it very frequently in Bank A. Resulting in a large number of transaction flows, while it is a sleeping account in Bank B. At this time, the user needs capital turnover. And at the same time Applying for a loan from Bank A and Bank B, what will happen?