How to create a business profile on Instagram

Within digital marketing, social networks are an excellent digital channel to show your products or services and attract customers through them.

The figures continue to place Facebook as the first social network with almost 2,400 million users. But the network in which influences, brands and businesses are currently trying to position themselves is Instagram.

This is due to the enormous growth that this social network has had in recent years. Currently Instagram has more than 1,000 active users per month and continues to grow year after year.

How to create a business profile on Instagram?  TO TWEET
In this article I want to explain what it is and what it is for you to create a company profile 印尼电话号码 on Instagram , I will show you its advantages and also how to create your own company profile, how to configure it, optimize it and some tricks for you to use your account like a professional .

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What is a business profile on Instagram?
Do I need a business profile on Instagram?
Create your business profile on Instagram
How to use the tools of my new company profile?
Tips to get visibility and customers
What is a business profile on Instagram?
The company profile on Instagram is similar to a personal profile, but with a series of essential tools and functionalities if you have a business.

If you do not have a business, the most logical thing is that you have a personal account, but if you have a business of any size, or want to enhance your personal brand, I advise you to create a company profile on Instagram .

Some of the advantages of having a company profile on Instagram are:

Statistics, thanks to them we can measure the actions and objectives of our publications.
In our biography we can include our professional category
We can carry out advertising campaigns
We can add buttons to contact us
We can add our physical address

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There are currently three types of profiles on Instagram:

Personal account

Professional account

Creator account

The creator account is relatively new in Spain and is focused on influencers, I leave you a link where Fátima Martínez explains it to you .

Do I need a business profile on Instagram?
If you have a B2C business and / or you are working on your personal brand, the answer is yes. I remind you that you have more than 1 million active users every month. It is quite possible that your target audience is among them.

As I have mentioned before, the company profile has a series of functionalities that a 警报消息 personal profile does not have, and that are essential if you want to position yourself on Instagram.

Create your business profile on Instagram
In the event that you do not have a personal profile created, you must download the Instagram application on your mobile and create a personal profile, it is very intuitive and easy to do.

Before creating your business profile on Instagram you must have created a business page on Facebook “Fanpage” , it is necessary since you will have to link both accounts.
If you already have your Fanpage and your personal profile on Instagram, you just have to enter your personal profile and go to the configuration section of your biography.

Once inside the configuration, click on Account. If you go down you will see the option “Change to business account” which is in blue, you just have to click on it. It will ask you to select the Facebook page that you want to link your Instagram business account to.

Be careful with this step if you have more than one company page or you don’t have it created because it creates it for you by default. It will ask for your contact information and you have already created your company profile.

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How to use the tools of my new company profile?
For any business, being able to measure the actions it takes on social networks is essential. This is why Instagram stats are so important. They will show you for free a lot of data about the content you publish and how your community interacts with that content.

Once you enter statistics you will see that you have three blocks:

Content : Here you can see the publications you have made during the week, it also indicates if you have published more or less than the previous week.
It also shows you the number of views of your posts.
Activity : It indicates the number of interactions (actions that people take when they interact with your account).
Indicate the visits to your profile and the clicks that the website that you have put in your biography has received.
These two actions that users perform are very interesting and you should take them into account.
In “Discovery” it indicates the number of accounts you have reached the previous week, as well as the impressions.
Audience : This section provides essential data for the analysis of your account and the actions to be taken.
Here you can see who your followers are and at what time they connect. It tells you where they are from, their age range and their gender.
You can also see what hours they are connected, in this way you will have a guideline about the time when it will be more effective to publish your content.
In addition to the general statistics, you also have the statistics for each publication.

These individual statistics for each post still give you more data to find out how well your posts are doing.

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In them you can see the number of likes, the number of comments, the times your publication has been shared and if it has been saved.

It also tells us if they have visited our profile after seeing the publication, the number of accounts you have reached, if they were your followers or not. Within the impressions of our publication we can see where they come from, if from the main page, from the hashtags or from your profile.

All this data is pure gold to know your audience and know if your publication strategy is being effective or not.

I advise you to create an Excel file and write down every week what has happened on your Instagram, this way you can correct your strategy.

It doesn’t make any sense for you to post without a goal and not measure which posts work and which ones don’t.

Measure and you will win!

By now in the movie, you should know that investing in social media advertising is essential for your business.

This is another advantage of having a company profile on Instagram, it allows you to advertise.

Do not forget that the organic reach of your publications is low and that also thanks to advertising you can segment very precisely who you want your ads to reach.
Instagram offers us different formats for our advertising. You can make ads with an image, carousel, video, in the feed and also in Stories.

Regarding advertising on Instagram, I will not tell you more, since in this blog you have excellent articles by Ana Ivars who is a specialist.

If you have an ecommerce, you have a new showcase for your products on Instagram.

I advise you not to waste it, although it is true that in Spain it has not finished starting up yet, news and new functionalities for Instagram Shopping will arrive shortly.

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