How to create a table of contents and improve the SEO of your Blog

If you follow the blog you will have seen that I have recently included an index of contents in the articles, a presentation very similar to the one that Wikipedia shows us . I had to configure this plugin for months, and I have finally been able to experience its benefits.

First we will see how to install and configure the “Table of Content plus” plugin , then I will tell you how it will improve the results of your website.

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Add a table of contents in WordPress
How? Very easy, install “TOC +” from your WordPress or by downloading the plugin here. One of the  柬埔寨电话号码表 great things about this tool is that you can configure when and where the table will appear, without having to go article by article.

The settings:

WordPress table of contents

As you can see, it is configured as follows:

It is shown if there are more than 3 headings or titles (a post that in principle will not be short)
Only on articles (not on page or other elements)
Hierarchically (a title 3 will hang from 2 in the table of contents)
Organized numerically
You can also edit the graphical presentation form:

Table of Contents plus

Here’s how an example from last week’s article can be presented :

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.17.05

Other features of Table of Content plus:
Manually insert the table in the articles using a shortcode
Clicking on one of the links in the table takes you directly to the title content
Select which titles appear in the table (h1, h2, h3 …)
Show the table in a side column thanks to its widget
Benefits of having a table of contents on your Blog
Installing and configuring the plugin has taken us a few minutes, and the benefits are more than interesting.

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Reduce bounce
If a user enters our blog and closes the browser tab without further ado, it will be a bounce. But if you click on one of the links in the table (without changing the page) Analytics will no longer interpret it as a “bounce rate”. For this reason, it is better to place the table in a higher and visible area of ​​the page.

Internal links
The table creates internal links, and this Google likes.

Quality content
The information will be well organized and our readers will be able to quickly see the contents 警报消息 of the article and directly access the area that may interest them the most with a single click. In addition, our article will be perceived as a higher quality content when presented in a structured way.

Users who act more and better with our website = better positioning .

Results presentation
It is possible that some of the articles that include the table of contents appear like this in the search results:

links in Serp snippets

I have installed TOC + for a week, and in these days I have already been able to experience changes in the positioning of several articles, is it a coincidence?

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