How to create a landing page in Mailerlite

Landing pages are as the name implies, “landing” pages created with a very specific conversion purpose in mind. They are an excellent email marketing tool, which tends to work very well when used correctly. That’s why today i want to teach you how to create a landing page in mailerlite . If your site is on wordpress and you want to create a landing page, the ideal is to use the elementor plugin. It allows for greater customization and is very easy to use. However, if you do not use wordpress and are hosted on a platform that does not have this option, a good alternative is to create the landing page in mailerlite . Also read “how to create a newsletter in mailerlite create.

Create a Landing Page in Mailerlite

A landing page in mailerlite the first step is to access the “sites” menu in mailerlite. After accessing the menu, you just have to click on “create landing page”. Give it a name and click “save and continue”. Landing page mailerlite then you will have to choose a group of subscribers. This subscriber group will be the group where the emails held Norway Phone Number List by your landing page will stay. It is always interesting to create a new group of subscribers to receive these new people because, in this way, you will be able to control the conversion of your landing page in the most exact way. Soon after, you will enter a page that allows you to choose a landing page template.

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Create a Workflow for Your Landing Page

There are several templates available, all of which allow some customization in terms of colors and fonts. You can also remove some elements, however it is not possible to move most of them. Take this into account when choosing your model. Mailerlite templates when Aleart News choosing your template, you will enter the customization menu, where you will actually be creating the design of your landing page. It is at this stage that you should use your texts and images referring to your magnet product, for example. To modify each of the blocks, you just need to click and the customization menu is automatically opened on the right. If you notice, at the top of your configuration page, you will be able to see that you can also customize your “sucess page.

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